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Archangels Can Help You Develop Your Psychic Powers

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by Conscious Reminder

All of us have psychic abilities in us and there are a number of ways one can develop these abilities. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, most of us forget to look within and keep in touch with the spiritual side of our selves.

There are things like meditation which help people who work on their psychic abilities but one also needs guidance when doing something like this and this is where the archangels come in. Following is a list of archangels who can help you:

1. Gabriel

Gabriel is one of the most prominent archangels as he was the one that informed Mother Mary that she will be birthing the son of God. He will always help you find your way on your journey of developing your psychic powers and read the signs that the Universe sends your way.

2. Haniel

She is the most joyful of them all. She is also referred to as the “Grace of God”; her powers have to with the mighty Sun and the dignified Moon. She is the one you need if you are not feeling motivated or are down because your path is proving to be more difficult than you anticipated because she can make you feel better by making things more joyful and fun.

3. Jeremiel

Jeremiel is the one you need if you feel like lucid dreaming and being a medium is your calling. He is the foremost when it comes to your subconscious and your unconscious and he will help you find a balance between them and make sure that your dreams make sense to you and you can understand the messages and signs hidden in your dreams. He can also help you if you are looking to travel in different planes and dimensions, or astrals.

4. Michael

Everyone knows about Michael because he is the one that fought against Satan himself and emerged victorious. It is absolutely essential that you call upon him before you start your journey because he can and will protect you from the bad energies of the other plane and make sure that you are in a protected environment when you are walking on this path. He is the one who is known to be just like God and his blessing would do wonders for your quest to get in touch with your psychic abilities. Call upon him when you start and expect a smooth and soul enriching journey.

5. Raziel

Raziel is the one that you need to work on your intuitive powers. He is the only that knows all the ins and outs of the Universe and is often called the “Secret of God”. He is the ultimate guide to find your calling in the Universe, and not only that, he will also help you look deeper within yourself and find ways to reach greater levels of spirituality as you embark upon this journey. Raziel is known to keep a record of everything is the Universe, call upon him to guide you through it.

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