I Want To Meet You When We Both Understand What Real Love Is

I don’t want to meet you in Elementary school when we are still unaware of the world around us, trying to learn the numbers, colors, and shapes.

From break time, I imagine you laughing with your friends and asking if you can have a piece of their sandwich. I don’t want to meet you in Elementary school when all you do is collect toys and stickers from your favorite cartoon.

I want to meet you when you are ready.

I don’t want to meet you in High School, when you are stressed out and hesitant whether you should make your parents proud by graduating with honors or only do it already and put an end to the four years of hell. I don’t want to meet you in the Annual Junior and Senior Prom as I want to let another girl do that. I want another girl to break your heart and teach you what it means to trust somebody.

I don’t want to meet you in High School when you are broken to pieces, alone, and smoking cigarettes that you have bought with your allowance.

I want to meet you when you have learned to take care of yourself.

I don’t want to meet you in College, when you have swapped one course for another, thinking it was the right thing to do when in fact it was wrong. When you are too busy studying and preparing your Thesis on weekends as you want to have it all. When you have learned to live on your own, cook for your own, clean your room and do all the chores, even if it means living with roommates and different characters, which made you feel lonely day by day.

I did want to meet you this year, but I guess it is too early. I don’t want to interfere with fate or timing whatsoever. I don’t want to meet you when you are making a career, working hard, and making a name for yourself. What I want is you do focus on yourself only as you deserve it.

Even if it means five, six or ten years in the making, I want to meet you when I am ready. When you are ready, too. When we are both ready. When we do know what it means to fall in love, to be in love, and stay dedicated to the love we share.

Meeting you will undoubtedly be the best thing that ever happened to me. I finally realized why certain people I have met are long gone, leaving without any message or not. I understood that they choose to leave as they knew that you were there, waiting for me to give me all the love on this world.

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