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Ascension Symptoms And The Feeling Of Time Acceleration

by consciousreminder

by Conscious Reminder

It may seem like time is accelerating quickly. What is actually happening is that there has been a rise in the electromagnetic resonance of the earth’s frequency.

The earth vibrates at a certain frequency to the heart of the universe. This always happens when an era dies and a fresh one is born.

The rise in electromagnetic resonance

This resonance is also called the Schumann resonance and according to calculations by scientists, we actually have just about 16 hours in a day even though we think it is 24 hours as usual. It is almost impossible to come up with accurate figures when trying to understand the frequencies of different dimensions in the context of time as we believe it to be. However this is a time for your spirit to grow and evolve. You will be able to rise above your current reality, travel through time, grow youthful, feel rejuvenated, and heal miraculously.

You are important because you know that you have to fix this discord between Schumann’s resonance and time as man has created it. You need to find a way to bring these separate realms into harmony with each other because then time will be circular and you may travel through it as you please.

You’ll know that you have transcended space and time when you lose a few hours, think you’ve lost something before it is suddenly just there before you, noticing the spirits of people, plants and everything that is in nature, receiving messages from the higher realms, and vivid dreams.

Increasing awareness of love and sorrow in their purest forms

When time moves faster, it also has an impact on you. It sets you on the path to fulfill the purpose that the creative force has intended for you. The frequency you vibrate at rises to match that of the earth. You will feel like your heart beats a little harder and you will be acutely aware of the existence of a higher self and of unadulterated love. This is a time for purification and for allowing your true self to emerge. 

Chakra activation

By aligning yourself to this increased resonance, you can feel the pulse of this energy in your solar plexus. This activates the Gaia Point where the New Angelic Chakra lies waiting to be awakened. This is of special importance to those who are empaths as they are vulnerable to the slightest change in vibration. This energy will bring you back into alignment with the core of the Earth and will help you ascend.

The Universe comes looking for you

Now that you have seen your highest self and accepted it, you will find your real place in the universe. You will understand that you must live completely in the present moment if you wish to make yourself a gateway to other realities. For this you must feel safe in your body even if you are suddenly subject to vibrations at a frequency you are not used to. But now that you are aligned to the core of Earth, the universe will come to you. 

Habitual thought forms & instant manifestation

There are things you need to beware of in this period of change. Habitual thought forms can mess up your vibrations and prevent your energies from freely intermingling with that of Creation.

You will cease to evolve and become stagnant with the same perspective on life that you have held so far. Those with heightened sensitivity might get so lost in their minds that they do not actually live in their physical bodies. They lose their connection with themselves and with the universe.

Just never forget that you have all the answers you need deep inside you. This is not something new that you must master. You were born with this knowledge and this wisdom. Your body will become your true home and be all that you need. All you have to do is to wait till the time comes.

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Cathy Greer August 18, 2019 - 3:55 am

I’ve been super sleepy lately uhm,.?? This article as all of them to me very interesting and truly makes sense I’m only educated in this by your articles which truly do coincide with my deep spirited beliefs of religion. Thank you very much”,..I truly enjoy both”,..✌🙏💖😍💃

Arielle Royer August 19, 2019 - 4:13 am

Hi. Cathy. I feel the same way as you. This is all connected. Reach out. Im on facebook


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