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The Significance Of Seeing A Totem Animal

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Nature is intimately linked to our lives. Be it animals or plants, they surround our lives and influence us in positive ways.

Nature is by our side always, in various different forms. While enjoying a bike ride, I encountered three young raccoons on the way.

It was an exceptional moment and being happy, I continued on my journey. However, Nature had something vastly more special in store, because on the very next curve I sighted a young deer in the middle of the path. Deer is my spirit animal and therefore it stunned me.

I always ask myself some questions whenever I meet a totem animal:

  • Is it strong or weak?
  • Old or young?
  • What are its conditions physically?
  • What is it up to?
  • How did I feel when I saw it?
  • What question was on my mind when I saw it?
  • What was the first thought in my mind?

Stopping my bike, I saw another woman standing 20 feet from the deer on the other side. The deer was in the middle and all were frozen.

We both went into a spiritual trance as we knew we have been blessed with a holy sighting. It was definitely a message from the Universe.

Generally a deer this close to humans would run away out of fear. However this deer stayed calm and kept watching us, without any fear.

It was completely conscious of us but showed no sign of fear.

It was a beautiful message we received together- fully conscious without fear. After a long while, the vibrations around us changed gradually and the moment was done.

Slowly I started to wheel past the deer, when it turned and ambled towards the bushes.

As I went my way, the woman raised her hand in acknowledgement of the moment we both witnessed. It was a spectacular and significant moment.

Go outside and experience miracles!!!

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