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How To Know Whether Your Soul Has Been Reincarnated Before

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Do you want to know whether you have been a part of this world in the past? Do you want to understand yourself completely? 

If yes, then you need to have a clear understanding of the concept of reincarnation.

Though it is an ancient concept prevalent in almost all the cultures across the world, reincarnation in the modern sense can be better understood with relation to the idea of evolution. It can be seen as the evolutionary process of the soul by which it moves towards maturity.

All the people believe in reincarnation in varying degrees of experiences and capabilities. The maturation induced by reincarnation can be seen as manifested in us in the form of spiritual experiences.

Here we are listing out many phenomena which may point towards the possibility of reincarnation.

Recurring Dreams

Our dreams are formed in our subconscious mind and from there it unfolds itself in various forms.

When you experience a dream repetitively, it is a signal that you have experienced this in the past life. Many people see places in their dreams on which they have never laid their eyes upon.

Childhood Memories that defy explanation

The cases of children remembering events and seeing places which are not a part of their limited world are well documented.

Detailed studies on these childhood memories reveal that these memories are not concocted stories but real places and people, clearly signaling towards past life.

Possessing a strong intuition

As our soul matures, it gets closer to the knowledge of the universe. Thus it is easier for the soul to understand some secrets of the world.

Experiencing Déjà vu

Some researchers believe that the feeling of déjà vu is not a mere neurological dissonance but rather it is a sign of the presence of a past life.

Having empathic abilities

An empath is in close connection to the surroundings and thus has the power to feel the surroundings. This can also be related to having a mature soul.

Having the ability to see into the past and future

Having the ability to predict the future and to see the past is a clear sign of a mature soul. The ability comes in many ways, through dreams, sensations, visions etc.

This ability comes perhaps with the highest stage of the development of the soul.

So these are few of the phenomenon based on which you can know if your soul is incarnated or not.

Do you know any other phenomenon? If you want to share your views on incarnation with us, write us in the comments section below.

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