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The Gentle Giant Jupiter Entering Sagittarius: Time To Grow & Expand

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by Conscious Reminder

Are you losing track of your life? These past few months may have been a rough time for you. We don’t blame you – the planets were  creating a mess up there. But after every chaos, there’s peace.

That’s true for planets too. From November 8th, you will find a special change in your life. Jupiter is coming to its ruling sign Sagittarius – a place that’s home for him. And the planet is special too. It brings luck, growth and abundance.

King of Gods

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System. But this is not something just related to astronomy. Being large comes with extra power – Jupiter is also the King of Gods. We all know the thunder god, Zeus.

He is none but Jupiter himself. For all of us following a monotheistic religion, we link everything to the One god, and here, he’s coming back home. And if the King of Gods is in his happy place, just imagine how much luck and abundance he will bring in our lives. This may just be our best period.

Luck comes when you try to be lucky

But one should not go about expecting miracles! Luck won’t just come down as rain – Jupiter isn’t THAT generous. What it will do however, is make you capable of seeing opportunities where you didn’t think any existed. Oftentimes we feel like we are going for the impossible.

That’s where Jupiter helps us – he makes us see possibilities in everything. And if anything is possible, why can’t you be the one grasping it right? Luck is how we see the world and the more positive we become, the more opportunities we see where none existed. Makes you feel lucky, doesn’t it?

On top of all that Jupiter is a giant bubble of gas. It’s always expanding. No wonder you will grow and expand when it heads towards Sagittarius.

The bigger picture

If Jupiter is the largest planet, then there might be a connection with the smallest one, right? Yes, there is – both of them are polar opposites. Jupiter feels at home in Sagittarius, while Mercury feels the same way at Gemini. If you interchange their position, they will become into detriment. So, opposites affect opposite parts of our mind.

Mercury deals with our rationality. It looks after our logic and analytical mind. Jupiter goes beyond and deals with our spiritual side. So, while Mercury can only look at the data and analyze, Jupiter tries to look at the nature and origin of things. It looks at things to try to unravel the working of life.

So how does this help?

It makes you look at the bigger pictures, while Mercury looks more into details. Let’s look at journeys. Mercury will make you go on short trips, like your school, college or the supermarket. The longer ones are not in its scope. But with Jupiter, you travel across countries and continents. It will help you grow your mind and gain a different perspective on the lives of others.

To look beyond

Jupiter will make you go on journeys of inner change. It might be external or adventures within the mind. We already know of people who stayed in other countries and came back as changed people. The new customs, the new ways of living, the food, the conversations, even the language – all of it combined brings about such a huge change in them that they come back as a different person all together. It’s the power of Jupiter that helps them grow.

And it’s all about travel though

Think about education? Primary education is all Mercury – you learn little things to pass the exams, you get to know Excel or a distinct skill and all that is needed to get through it. But when it comes to Jupiter, you go for higher studies and analyze everything in-depth. Skimming is no longer allowed. You must interrogate look into the nature of things. Higher studies belong in the department of Jupiter.

This year, Jupiter rules

Mercury and Jupiter are two opposite we need in our lives. But the force of Mercury is common, since it comes to its favorite signs Gemini and Virgo for few weeks of two months in a year. But Jupiter in Sagittarius happens only once a year in 12. That’s so rare, it makes me want to not waste time at all. This year it’s happening again. You are in Luck and the Planet of Luck is coming to help you.

The power of Jupiter is potent and it’s for you to use. List your higher goals. Travel. Become your own teacher. Embark on a spiritual journey. Grow. Become a different person. Let the change begin – you know you need it.

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