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They Are Afraid Of The Strength You Are Showing

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Maybe they’re afraid of you because you are too honest at time when people are attracted by sweet-talkers and manipulators who make lies sound better than the truth. Maybe your truth is too bitter for those who don’t want to feel and taste your genuine self- the people who only want the cherry on the top of the cake.

They might feel threatened by you because you  know exactly what you want in life, when the rest of them feel lost in their search. They might be so caught up in their insecurities, that they reject everybody who follows their own path. Even worse, they might be simply used to being in the company of  people who are insecure and have no idea who they actually are.awakening-the-third-eye-4

Maybe they’re just afraid of you because you don’t want to take part in their games where everybody is so consumed by winning, and those who refuse to participate are considered losers. In this case, you’re probably surrounded by people who became experts in playing this game, that they don’t want to go back and try again because that would mean that they’re at the start line all over again.

They might be afraid because you say things that they don’t want to hear; and it’s totally normal since they got used to the lies that they have been served for so long. These people believe in the image they created of themselves, not in who they really are. Maybe your words sound so unfamiliar to them that they simply don’t understand them or don’t believe in them.

Maybe you scare them because you pay attention. You don’t forget what they said when they were angry or vulnerable; you pay attention to their eyes and body language and the tone of their voice and gestures. Maybe they’re not used to being seen or heard and your attention makes them feel uncomfortable, because it means that they have to take the mask off.

Maybe they’re scared of you because you are aware of their fears, and yet you are not being overly cautious. Maybe you’re carefree with your heart and feelings, and they don’t know how to cope with them; it confuses them. They actually can’t deal with anything that affects their routine and reality. Maybe your heart rate is a bit faster and they can’t keep up.

Maybe they’re afraid of you because you don’t need them; because they know you can survive without them; because they know you won’t wait for them; because they know you stand up for yourself; because they know you won’t be just another number in their phone book.

Maybe they’re afraid of you because you appreciate yourself; because you’re strong enough to let go and leave and that you are smart enough to know your value. Maybe they got so used to the pedestal that they’ve been put on that have no idea how to function nowhere else.

Regardless of the reasons, keep scaring them. Keep scaring them with your sincerity, with your strength, your goodness, love, understanding, with your words, with your eyes with your presence, and your ability to read them. Keep reading until you find somebody as brave as yourself. The one who won’t be afraid of you; someone as scary as you.

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