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Pisces Full Moon On August 26th: Time To Clean Up The Mess

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by Conscious Reminder

A full moon occurs when the sun is exactly facing the moon. 26th August, 2018 shall witness a full moon night. It is about to form a unique symmetrical pattern, the spine of the kite.

They are a lucky sign for you to work on making money, achieving your goals and develop your talents. It is an eventful time for the effect of a full moon, lasts for about a month. The moon falls between stars and the constellation of Aquarius. It is a good time to start working actively.

Fixed stars on the full moon night

Out of the two stars, Sadalmekil(at 3 degrees), is a fixed star which is smaller than the other fixed star, Fomalhaut (at 4 degrees). Sadalmekil ensures success in the field of business. It may as well cause harm and death, however, it largely guarantees fortunate friendships and manifestations.

Sadalmekil is a star of brilliance and positivity, largely for those who are either privileged or in power. Fomalhaut, on the other hand, brings hardships and trouble in the beginning, but eventually ensures prosperity.

This star is equally powerful but can be malevolent and have a transition from material to spiritual aspects. It has a very distinct effect which can either be good or bad.

What does a full Moon mean?

Full moons are meant to release negative vibes and take in positive energy. We need to take care of it, all by ourselves. We are not supposed to let go of chances that we are likely to get during the positive and rewarding times of a fool moon.

The sun, cleanses all negativity by shining brightly but the full moon, on the other hand, is the resultant factor of the activities that we do under the influence of the new moon. The new moon was a solar eclipse.

The full moon cleansing needs to be done carefully, keeping in mind that every single negative energy is to be released to the underworld. People often practice exorcism during this time because it eliminates all the negative spirits and calls for purity.

What astrology does it hold this time?

Moon and Saturn: There is a soothing amalgamation of the soft and sensitive moon and the harsh and severe Saturn. Building up personal protection is quintessential at his time. Moon in a position of 60 degrees with the Saturn, can be a hard time too.

Those under the influence of full moon, will be filled with enthusiasm and patience to work harder and better. They are boosted up with extraordinary stamina with which, they will strive to do their best, despite all odds.

Moon and Uranus: This position, gives birth to creativity and uniqueness. It encourages the innovative minds to think beyond the stereotype.

Those under the influence of this sextile, are aware of the consequences of the present situation and will thus, look out for new opportunities and techniques. They are going to be the safest of the lot, considering their farsightedness before any unfavorable situation is likely to crop up.

Saturn and Uranus: This position of 120 degrees, is more of a transitional phase. To bring your life to stable grounds, this is the best time to work positively. Be slow yet steady in planning your routine. You can make the necessary changes in your life that will reward you with recognition and glory.

You can get your past mistakes, corrected and feel rejuvenated and satisfied with the new wave of positivity. However, there should be a constant motivation, manifested on you to bring about a good fortune for yourself.

The grand equilateral triangle ensures multiple prospects for us to explore. The influence of a full moon, brings life to the correct path of happiness, once all the negativities are left behind. You are motivated to take up artistic goals in life.

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