Letting Go Of The Past Is Hard But Not Impossible

by Conscious Reminder

Unless you are one of the lucky few, you have probably gone through a break-up and things have not looked up since then.

Some of us struggle to move on from the relationship and get stuck in a mental space. In your heart of hearts you know you have to move on and look forward to new beginnings but something still keeps you tied to the past.

Every attempt you make to escape out of that mental place is futile. Even when you manage to get out temporarily, a fleeting smell or a song playing in the distance will undoubtedly remind you of the days gone by.

How you two used to dance to that same song or how loved that smell on your partner! But all that is in the past, isn’t it? Does it serve you any good to live in the past?

‘Let go’ is easier said than done. We understand that. It does not happen overnight. The reason why you feel like revisiting those memories so often is that for those brief moments, you were happy.

Irrespective of how things turned out ultimately, those were the blissful days. And it is only human to think of the happy days and to yearn for them to return. It is this hope which is keeping you tied to that past.

You have to stop those thoughts. Let your brain decide for you, not your heart. The heart is forever hopeful. But does that mean wishful thinking would fix all the problems and get you those days back?

Letting go of the person or the memories is not easy. It isn’t a linear process that has steps to guide you.

Nor is there any fixed time after which you will magically get over the past. You will have to keep trying to evade those memories and focus on your present and build your future.

Even when you feel weak, remember that it is all a part of the process of letting go. Healing takes time and there can be relapses in between. After all, that person did give you some great days to remember.

You can’t delete those memories! But there lies your strength as well. They are just memories. A strong will and a positive outlook will help you separate the memories from the person who hurt you.

There will come a time when you will be able to look back on those days but not feel the pain you do now. Till then, keep trying.

You may not be able to move on tomorrow, you may not be able to move on even after a year. But eventually, you will move ahead when the right person comes to you.

If one person or thing leaves our lives, it is usually because the Universe plans to send us someone or something better soon.

No matter how bad the situations seem right now, do not give up on yourself. Letting go is hard but not impossible. Let go of the past and the future will shower you with its blessings!

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