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Do You Believe Animals Have Souls?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There has been much debate over whether animals have souls

Recently I was given a work by Gary Zuvak called Seat of the Soul. It’s a popular book which seems to have caught the attention of all those who think they are forward-thinking and in tune with their spirituality.

The book left me very perturbed when I read the chapter on souls. Zuvak writes that animals, unlike humans, don’t each have their own soul. They simply share in what he terms the ‘group soul’ of their kind. For example, a deer would not have its own soul but share in the group soul of all deer.

He also goes on to place some group souls like that of apes and dolphins above other animals like dogs, which are placed above horses and so on. However, he has not offered any proof to substantiate this theory.

His work just seems to be another attempt by mankind to offer some justification for the way we treat other species on this earth. I’m sure that those who have read it feel a little better that their food is nothing more than a small part of a group soul.

Instead of helping readers understand spirituality, this only desensitizes them to the cruelty they inflict every day on other species.

This is not a new tactic. Religious leaders have used this kind of language for centuries to justify ideas like racism and sexism by asserting that Africans and women do not have individual souls.

To prevent this from happening, vegans need to raise their voices and point out all that is wrong with Zuvak’s idea of spirituality.

It is better to fall back on the writings of Swami Prabhupada. He wrote that people only believe that animals have no souls because they wanted to eat them.

Animals really do that their own soul. They eat, sleep, defend and breed just as we do. They feel the same pain that we do. This isn’t mere logic, it is scientific truth.

Celebrate life and celebrate every being that has it. We are all just infinite manifestations of the Great Spirit who deserves nothing but the greatest respect.

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