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Are You Working For The Dark Or Light Side?

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Are You Aware of Your Frequency?

Humans are dualistic by nature. We are both of spirit/source energy and ego persona/matter. When we are about three years old, we start developing our sense of self/individually. This happens primarily by labeling and judging our perception of what is appearing.

If we never learn to temper this as we grow older, we separate from our spirit as well as from others. This leads to feelings of loneliness, isolation, and even abandonment. We have ultimately abandoned our spiritual self through constant separation.

Sensitive People May Struggle with Duality

Let us look at this from another angle. Instead of labels such as bad/dark, we use the term low frequency, and substitute high frequency for good/light. Now we are working within a range. Each person in humanity holds an energetic frequency on this range. Energetic signatures are the total of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. We are all unique and have a base setting when we are born, a natural operating range/frequency which is then tuned through our energetic signature.

Why? Each of us is here to experience, learn and grow through the vessel of humanity. Humans are dualistic, for each frequency there is an opposite frequency: low and high for example. Our base setting is determined by the life lessons we are here to experience. Does that mean people can’t change? We can always respond to life from our higher selves rather than react from our ego persona. It takes awareness and conscious observation. It’s a practice which requires dedication. It can be done.

Spiritual Teachers and the Energetic Range

Where do spiritual teachers fit in? When we are shifting up that energetic range, it is helpful for someone higher on the scale to hold the space and support us through the transition. Their presence helps adjust our vibration and frequency. Do all teachers shift you up? No, they don’t, we must use discernment when choosing a teacher. Remember we are all operating on a range. Look for people whose words and actions have congruence. Whose presence feels uplifting without them speaking.

Since there is no bad or good when we drop the labels, how does that change our perception of reality? Let’s use an example: on our way home, we get mugged; now our lower frequency will react, the perpetrator becomes evil and we become a victim (energetically). Our energy stays in that frequency, through the law of attraction! We continue to receive validation for our frequency with more experiences that support victim-hood, plus we are still stewing in the event. We keep replaying it in our heads and create more suffering.

A Few Words on Acceptance and Resistance

A different experience is in acceptance. We got mugged on the way home, OK we proceed by contacting the police, credit card company; whatever we need to do. Accepting that the perpetrator was acting from his lower energy frequency, we don’t react or go into victimhood, it is what it is, let’s keep flowing into the next moment. We do not create a resistance of what has appeared by telling a story about ‘poor us’ or ‘evil him,’ which would shift our energy frequency and cause suffering. Resistance = Suffering.

It boils down to; we are all here to do and experience what we are meant to, what we need to evolve and shift to the next frequency. Sometimes it’s our suffering that is the catalyst for a transition. It is the sign that alerts us to change our perception, and balance our spirits and ego personas. Being human is challenging, if we can observe ourselves and detach from ego occasionally. Rather than label others, if we hold compassion, we will create harmony and that feels good/different.

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