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Your Weekend Horoscope For Aug 23-25 Is Here: The Stars Say Fun Weekend Is Ahead!

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by Conscious Reminder

The upcoming weekend is going to be pretty exciting, with a New Moon joining into the fray, along with several new alignments in the cosmic world.

Let’s just dive right into it.


You would probably be given a lot of responsibilities, but they would help you in the financial aspect. If you find someone attractive or interesting in your place of work, simply compliment their brains or their quirky sense of humor. You might also be focused on bringing about a change in your health. From a humanitarian point of view, if you find someone dealing with trauma and sinking deeper, talk to them. Ask them how they are feeling, and how you could possibly help them.


You are beset with changes that might make your life more meaningful. Don’t hesitate to try out something new. It is high time that you start working towards what you believe in- like saving the environment from the ravages of humanity. Also, adapt to social media in your own time- there is no hurry. Believe in love, and don’t let it slip from your fingers. Your time is now.


You can get theatrical if it helps your point reach across the table. Otherwise, simply spend time entwined with your beloved. After all, love is very much on the cards. Also, try organizing a party- you will love it. Differentiate between need and want, and try to understand your partner better.


You will able to overcome previous trauma that simply served to trigger certain emotions inside you. Now you will be able to display your love more freely. This weekend will be very nurturing of you, as you would be of others. Go help them, they need you.


Before you start thinking about the pool party, look at the pile of files on your desk. You might have a lot of duties, but money is money. You can revitalize your weekend by simply doing the following- work to benefit others, and they will appreciate you and appreciate others who are left isolated.


A lot of cosmic alignments in your way would make you the star of any project, as you would dazzle them with your creativity. Help your partner when they need it, but remember to never become their walking stick or doormat. Learn to support someone without being too much of a babysitter.


This weekend is going to be a major breakthrough for you, especially in money matters. But you need to share your thoughts with the world around you. Meditate and get ready for the changes, as big things are coming your way. Intuition and creativity would be in your zone later in the weekend. See if you really need a past lover, for your present will heal you.


Be responsible and loving while having fun. Activities with children could gain you some important insight regarding your creativity or your personal life. Your relationship is about to suffer upheavals so gear up. Both enemies and lovers will bring you challenges now to air your personal growth. Learn to recognize your true friends.


You will finally be feeling that you are making headway into your career. Try on your charisma and show it to them that your way of dealing with a certain problem is not just appealing, but also practical. Your partner might be beset with some mood swings. So, instead of pushing them away, give them some room to think and organize their thoughts, and you would see love blossoming even harder.


Your creativity towards your love life can make it all the more interesting. This might depend on the words you use, or some other way of telling them that you want them, which would be equally reciprocated by them. In the event that your co-workers are stressed, don’t snap at them. Handle the environment with some class, and composure, and you would see normalcy returning. Cuddle your pets, and take care of your stomach.


Your weekend is about to get passionate, and intimate. Jump into it! After that, you might be someone healing people with your creativity. Art could be one of your many ways. You can also garner some good feedback if you hear out your audience.


This weekend can get very two-pronged for you. On one hand, you might work with crowds in a completely fun way, while you can also be spending some extremely intimate moments with your lover. You might also be beset with opportunities from people willing to work with you. Look closely and see who are being real, and who are simply bluffing.

Have a nice weekend!

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