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Are You Stuck In An Eternal Loop Of Bad Decisions

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Do you feel like you are always going down the same rabbit hole of bad luck and missed opportunities? Does the same kind of misfortune keep striking you when you are very near to your goals?

Or maybe you keep finding yourself in a relationship with the same kind of abusive or narcissistic people, again and again.

It can be quite jarring to go through so many setbacks, but the good thing is, if it makes you sit back and think about it- then you know that there is something not quite right with the approach that you have towards your problems.

So before you set about resolving your problems you need to correct the way you make decisions.

The decision making process of our brain is in the hand of one of the following three parts of the brain- the kid, the parent and the adult. As might be obvious, the kid part is the part which is the most impulsive and takes actions without thinking through the end result.

The parent part is the one, which would sense that the decision is wrong, but instead of rectifying it, will only fill your head with guilt, shame and similar negative emotions which will only add more misery to your misfortune.

The adult part is the logical part, which analyses all the options in front of you, and tests the solutions for their short term as well as long term viability.

The reason you are not safe going with the child part of the brain is because it is entirely impulsive. It can only see what lies directly in front of it and would take the easiest way out of a problem, without analyzing the other option.

The parent part is no better. It just admonishes you for the things you did wrong. It would be like going through life, with an incessant stream of criticism by your mom/dad by your side, 24/7.

The adult part is the only one capable of logic and calculations. If it sees that you are repeating a pattern, be it of food choices or the people you date; it will recognize and rectify it- only if you let it.

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