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3 Laws That Will Help Achieve Emotional Freedom And Detachment

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

A lot of time the word ‘detachment’ is taken in a negative way. We think it’s being selfish or we are giving up on someone if we choose to detach ourselves from a particular person to emotion.

Now the truth is that you can disappear on people out of self-love. Some people become a huge part of our lives and at one point it feels like there is no life without them.

However, the reality is, your life is not dependent on one situation or person. Your world is too big to revolve around just one person. So if it’s toxic for you, learn to walk away. If you won’t protect your emotions then nobody will.

Releasing emotions will give you the liberty to see life with a more honest perspective. When you are true to yourself you just make sure that you aren’t being hurt or the reason why someone else is hurting. Know when it’s time to let go.

Here we bring to you 3 laws for emotional detachment:

1. You are your own responsibility 

You will understand this law better the day you realize that nobody is answerable to you. This also means that you aren’t answerable to yourself other than the man in the mirror. People can make you feel good but it is just you who can bring true happiness and peace to yourself. Don’t depend on others to make you feel good about yourself. Fight your own battles. Correct your own mistakes and pat your own back for doing something brilliant. Be self-sufficient.

 2. Live in the current moment – The future is NOW

Do not let the past ruin your present and future. We all have our done our share of mistakes and if you are ready to learn from it there is no reason why you should stay in the past. What had to be done is already done. No matter how good or bad your past was, it’s the law of nature that time doesn’t return. So look forward to and in life.

3.  Be free and let others practice their freedom 

Loss of hope is the beginning of freedom. The world and its people don’t owe you anything. Every individual is responsible for his/her own actions. Be so busy in watering your grass that you forget to see if other’s side is greener.

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