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9 Ways How To Find The Divine Masculine Energy Within You

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We are all created with both the masculine and feminine energy within us. It’s the motion, the dance between them that gives us life. 

Having more masculine or feminine energy can bring imbalance within us. The ideal and, where our soul can truly align, is in creating a balance between these two energies.

However, these days, more focus is given to the divine feminine, that nurturing, loving, and compassionate energy. The divine masculine seems to be overlooked on our way to wholeness and evolution.

t’s true that the masculine energies caused much trouble and aggression to our society in the past, but this is exactly the main reason why we should heal and open this divine masculine energy within us so it will dance with the feminine again.

An awakening of this masculine energy can lead us to self confidence, objectivity, have a critical mind, emotional balance, a connection to the inner warrior, set strong boundaries, assertiveness, willpower, self discipline, and mental clarity.

9 Ways To Find Your Divine Masculine Energy: 

1. Check your inner wounds caused by the masculine energy. 

In one way or another, there may be some masculine figures in the past who caused you sufferings.

Whether it be through abandonment, alienation, emotional connection, and the like, you need to check your inner wounds surrounding the masculine energy.

This may be the blockages that prevent you from connecting with your divine masculine.

2. Be accountable. 

Take responsibility for your actions, mistakes, thoughts and feelings. They may have caused you pain but you have the choice to get out of the victim mentality.

When you become accountable for your self and take responsibility for your choices you reclaim your masculine energy and rise above the pain from the past.

3. Connect with your inner father. 

There are many faces of our psyches according to Carl Jung and he called them archetypes. This includes the Father, which is a universal archetype.

He is just there inside you lying dormant. Contact this benevolent inner father because he can show you many wonderful things about yourself.

Establish a relationship with him and make it a goal to know what he has to tell you.

You can do this through journaling, automatic writing, or through artistic pursuits such as painting. This is a powerful way of honoring your divine masculine.

4. Deconstruct your mental conditioning. 

A lot of misconceptions have been attached to the masculine energy, such as real men don’t cry and that men should not be emotional.

Every culture has its own mental construct about masculinity. Find out yours and start to deconstruct the wrong notions about the masculine energy.

The ability to know what a real and mature masculine looks like can help you connect more deeply to your divine masculine.

5. Have a masculine teacher or guide. 

There’s no better way to know the real embodiment of divine masculine energy than by looking for masculinity out there.

Find someone who reflects this energy and learn from them.

They could be your family, close friends, acquaintances or any well known figures that you admire.

6. Allow your inner warrior to shine. 

The real warrior within you is never dominant nor violent. Your inner warrior defends your rights in a peaceful and assertive way.

He protects and supports you, values truth, courage, and inner strength. Bringing your warrior energy into your life awakens your divine masculine.

The practice of martial arts, boxing, vigorous exercise, or full artistic self expression might bring out this hidden warrior within you.

7. Learn to be assertive. 

Assertiveness is not about imposing yourself on others.

Rather, it’s about knowing your needs and doing something to provide this needs.

Being assertive also includes setting up your boundaries and defending it in the right way, without resorting to fighting and violence.

8. Radiate confidence. 

Confidence is not an inborn skill, though others are endowed with it more naturally.

You can radiate confidence and even convince yourself of this confidence by standing straight or uprightly.

If you know how to express yourself in a calm and confident way, it’s easier for you to get in touch with your divine masculine energy.

9. Be active. 

Be active and don’t let passivity or comfort win over you. Get active, set goals, make plans, and follow your dreams. That’s the natural character of masculine energy.

Keep your inner fire lighted up by giving your all to everything that you do.

By doing this, you’re allowing your inner masculine energy to take reins and unleash its full power.

But of course, don’t get so tangled up with your divine masculine energy that you forget about the divine feminine energy that is within you. Connect with these two energies and try to achieve balance and alignment in your life.

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