Cosmic Coupling And Twin Souls’ Sacred Marriage

by Conscious Reminder

A marital bond is a powerful thing. For millennia, human beings have performed marriage ceremonies with their gods as witness. While it has evolved past the boundaries of religion, marriage is part of the very foundation of society. This is not accidental.

Twin flame sacred marriage

When we perform a matrimonial ceremony, it transforms the spiritual self. It does not matter who we marry because the universe will recognize the affection between two people and acknowledge the union of their souls. It becomes even more special when it is a marriage between twin flames.

A cosmic partnership

The act of marriage between twin flames is more than it seems. It shows that the two beings have pledged themselves to the universe, to ascend into it, by their union. Twin flame marriage is essential the union of two halves of one soul. It doesn’t necessarily need a matrimonial ceremony, declaration of intent will do.

The process brings our soul into focus. We are no longer distracted by worldly matters and we being to feel truly blessed for all that we’ve been given. When twin flames decide to enter into marriage, they are confident that no other person would complete them in this manner.

Unconditional love

Twin flame marriages are extraordinary because they love each other unconditionally. Their love is rooted in fate because they are two halves of one soul, bound to each other by the universe. It is the purest, truest form of love there is.

It’s easy to stop loving another person when you realize that they aren’t the same person you fell in love with. But with twin flames, you cannot stop yourself from loving them.

Of course, it’s not like twin flames cannot break up with each other but this will not happen because they don’t love each other. The love they share doesn’t come with any strings attached.

Their love doesn’t depend on each other’s personalities; it is ingrained in their souls and is part of the functioning of the universe. It doesn’t require any formal ceremony to make it complete.

Many twin flames do not get married. It is not essential for them to do so. But when it happens and both are ready to accept the love between them, it is like anything in this world.

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  1. Hello!
    Just wanted to give another perspective on this situation:
    1. Twin soul mergers (sacred unions) ARE UNELECTED and unexpected.
    2. This person is most likely some form of abuser or severely damaged personality
    3. A sacred marriage of this energetic magnitude COULD be a great thing for humanity, except it’s not. The parties are usually unaware of the responsibility they are being given with the instant manifestation characteristics of the 5D
    4. Guys use the sacred connection as an excuse to emotionally and psychically abuse a woman’s soul and keep her locked in a jail cell
    5. There’s no way to “opt out” of future astral merging

    I do not consent to my other dimension “selves” being activated or accessible to a person I do not enjoy or like.

    Please stop glorifying what is a serious violation of our fucking free will. Thanks.


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