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Astrological Aspects Of March 2018 ∼ Get Ready For Some Action

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March is the month that brings spring and this year, not just around us but in our lives too.

This month is going to help you get out of the daze that the first couple of months have been and allow you to really focus, get a grip and really get stuff done.

This needs time to happen though, as right in the beginning, the first couple of days with the Virgo Full Moon might bring some extremes into your life, so be careful when it comes to getting overwhelmed with too much responsibility. You might find yourself slipping back into the daze but you will be okay.

The month is controlled by Mercury, Mars and Venus and as some of us know, they aren’t really static. Venus, the goddess of love showers us with love and the desire to be loved pretty intensely in the first five days of the month.

As these five days pass, Venus and Mercury will both be lead by Aries, so be prepared for a good amount of socialising and a pretty fast pace. There will be less planning and more impulses. Brace yourself!

As we move further, to the 11th day of a very well paced month, you will find yourself moving forward from places you felt stuck at, as Mars is right in movement with Uranus, solving your problems, and that too, quicker than you would imagine.

By the 13th, you will most probably want yourself looking for security and will feel a need for commitment, where Venus and Saturn will step in, giving it to you or, um, not.

There might be little wallowing and some tears on the 17th, but do not fret, as it would not last long. Mars moves into Capricorn on this very day, and might require you to don business clothes and show up, get things done, the adult way.

19th of the month will bring desire back, as Mercury and Venus meet, and the same will happen on the 27th. All you require to do is- say it. Let what you want be known.

March 20th, the equinox will see this as well, and this is likely to continue till the solstice, so look forward to some desire driven exchange.

March 22nd sees a retrograde, and this goes on till the April 15th. A perilous time and a fair bit of misunderstandings and snapping might be expected; nothing that a little bit of caution cannot help. Don’t over think or assume things. Don’t make hasty decisions and give way to the rational thinking that you are capable of.

There will be some pretty impulsive and frankly, rash decision making, giving in to obsessions but on March 29th, with the meeting of Venus and Uranus, there will be breakthroughs that will fix most of this. There will be revelations and things that will seem to have been happening that are crazy and unexpected, but in reality, they are long overdue. The month ends with Venus being in Taurus, the home of physical satisfaction and the Moon goes into Libra, the sign of commitment and relationships.

Libra is a sweet talker and loves the sweet talk, but Taurean Venus wants more than just words. The Full Moon will help this and improve our relationships while Venus and Mars in the earth signs will have us find love by our side that is not temporary.

It will be something lasting and we will find reciprocity that is for life and will hold on till the end.

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