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Awakening Your Soul After You’ve Been Through A Heartbreak

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There are a lot of things that people would rather do in order not to experience heartbreak. Heartbreak can squeeze us as though we were oranges, crush us as though it was a truck, and cut sharply as it was a knife.

However, although our heart is closed and broken, the experience is going to lead us to the awakening of our soul.

In that way, we may form a more profound connection with our highest self or find a higher sense of clarity and peace. And, here is how:

Evaluate the damage.

Sometimes, we will need to shift from being a person that is lost and broken to being the observer that surveys the wreckage. When our pain is over or when we decide that we cannot live with a broken heart anymore, we will have to know where we are in order to start rebuilding our lives.

We have to accept the loss and see where we are on an emotional, spiritual, psychological, mental and financial level. When we stop and look around us, reflecting and acknowledging where this heartbreak brought us, is a beginning.

Let love to come in.

Our love for a person shattered us to pieces. Our heart hurts, and nothing looks like it will fit together once again. Although our heart is now shattered, we should know that there is also some space for the entering of light, which is already within us but is hidden and subdued.

It even looks distant, and we have forgotten it entirely. However, one good thing is that we can access that light if we cultivate our love of ourselves. There is still love within us, unleashing, recapturing and releasing it.

It is not the love for someone or something else. In order to cultivate this love, we have to take better care of ourselves, slow down, take long walks, meditate and find some space to breathe.

Let our ego go away.

Our ego wants a lot of attention, or it even wants to embrace it deeply. What it really wants is to rule with our lives and make us the victim. Egos do not really like when someone makes them feel ashamed, lonely or vulnerable.

When we become aware of our ego, it will help us release the firm grip it has on our lives. We have to realize if we were in our past relationship in order to fulfill the needs of our ego or the desires of our heart.

We have to be sincere and honest with ourselves so that we can show our compassion. When we treat ourselves better, be careful of our thought and be kinder with what words we use toward ourselves is going to help us let our ego go away.

Sit with our soul.

During relationships, we will almost never connect with our soul. We get too busy with a lot of other unimportant things. Our soul is actually an all-knowing, internal sacred space which holds our highest truth, and our most sacred space.

The soul is our true nature, clarity, and essence. We can come to our soul if we walk in nature, meditate, pray with our eyes closed, and so on. We have to connect with the wise, quiet, expansive and all-knowing space which our soul represents every day.

Let our soul guide us.

We have to live our life with the help of our internal power which comes from our soul. We have to carefully listen to commands of the voice of our soul. We also have to hear the voice of the ego and even acknowledge it.

We should also thank it as it was taking care of us, and then we should let it free from the duties it had. Promise ourselves that we will live our life from the state of awareness, peace, and compassion centered to the soul.

We should embrace our soul, and feel it, and let it be our guide.

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