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3 Simple Rules For Protecting Yourself From Energy Vampires

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by Conscious Reminder

Human bodies generate electromagnetic fields. When those fields are easily disrupted, they can manifest themselves differently, such as making people sensitive to other people or environments. They might even notice the feelings which make them sensitive souls.

When we are around someone, we can be put in a terrible mood. When we have to go somewhere crowded, such as a party, we feel overwhelmed. When a person is not happy with us, we feel as we were physically attacked.

When we are said to be energetically sensitive, it actually means that we pick up on or absorb negative energies from the people around us. It means that we are not the only mood.

Having our energy system balanced and strong will be the best thing from which we learned to protect ourselves from the so-called energy vampires.

Everyone should do this on a daily basis, as it will help them strengthen their system so they can be wherever they want, at the time they want and feel confident and calm.

Rule No.1: Balance

We have to ensure that our system of energies is balanced and strong. There are a lot of ways of doing this; however “thymus thump” is the favorite one among people.

Thumping one gland in our chest’s center, which is known as thymus gland, will give us an immunity boost. Also, it is even useful when it comes to calming fear or balancing our whole system very quickly.

We can use our fist and then ‘thump’ just like our favorite Tarzan does for 30 seconds while taking big profound breaths.

Rule No.2: Ground

We should ground our energy. When we are more grounded and linked to the energies of the earth, we will be less shaken by our environment. One excellent way of grounding ourselves would be to pull our powers down through our feet.

We should place the hands right at the waist’s sides. Putting out thumb before us and our fingers towards our back, we should slide our hands slowly down our legs. When we get to our feet, we should squeeze right at the feet’s sides. What can make this practice more powerful is doing it on dirt, grass or sand.

Rule No.3: Protect

With tracing our central meridian, with energy pathways running up before our body, and which are much attuned to our emotions and thoughts, we will have the ability to strengthen that meridian.

First, we should place our hands somewhere at the central meridian’s bottom end, which is situated at our pubic bone. We should inhale profoundly, while at the same time we pull our hands up from our body’s center to the lower lip. This should be repeated for three times.

Having electromagnetic force in our hands, we move the energy which is in our central meridian in its strength’s direction and also in turn, which will strengthen us too. While we do the exercise, we may even add some affirmations like “I am safe and protected.”

We should also breathe, as breathing permits energy movements in our body. Holding our breath around hard people or in crowds will prevent negative energies from moving throughout our body.

When we feel energetically vulnerable, we should cross our legs or arms. This will protect our aura and create our energetic shield.

All the negative energies which are directed at us are going to bounce off of us, returning back to the one that sent them.

For instance, we should stand next to a door or window when in crowds, or avoid sitting in the first row of a room or classroom where others direct their energies towards us.

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