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Demisexual Is A Thing And These 11 Signs Say That You Might Be One

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by Conscious Reminder

Being demisexual means that you cannot have s*x with a person without any emotional bond with him.

It is not a bad thing. It means that you cannot express yourself to a person without having an emotional connection. Discussed below are a few points that will prove that you are indeed demisexual.

1. Physical touch doesn’t excite you:

To some people when they get physically touched by others; they think it is a prelude to something exciting. But if you are demisexual then it won’t bother you at all unless you establish an emotional

2. Since the time you were a child the idea of s*x was different:

While growing up you always had this notion that s*x is something that is not to be discussed in public. It is a private affair and it should not be disclosed. Moreover, your perception of getting turned on by someone else was also very different.

3. You are very particular about the type of s*x that you like:

To you s*x isn’t something that you do randomly when you get bored. Most of the people nowadays have s*x just for the sake of it. But you cannot have a onetime thing with a person.

4. “Hot” or “attractive” are not the kind of things that you look for:

 Many people think that having a good physic or a body means that the person is very attractive. But to you, the thing is very different. You will find only that man attractive who has a good heart and a good behavior.

5. You are called a prude:

 People who call you prude have very less knowledge about demisexuality. They don’t realize you have a higher standard of s*x and spending a night with a stranger is not your thing. To them, demisexuality is just another word in the dictionary and they think that you are too afraid to explore your body.

6. You do care much about emotional bond in a relationship:

 Most people say that physical intimacy is a very important part of a relationship but you beg to differ. Things like trust, compatibility, caring about each other, emotional bond, being loyal are the things that keep a relationship glued.

7. Hooking up with others is not really your game:

S*x means something very important to you. You cannot just have s*x with random people for a night. You will never understand how the “hook-up” culture works and you will also never be eager to try it out.

8. Adult movies don’t excite you:

People usually get aroused by watching “A” rated movie but you are not one of them. You understand the concept behind it and how it is all not real. You are just not comfortable with either sleeping with strangers or even watching them get intimate. You need an emotional bond to help you get through the phase.

9. You rely on self-service to fulfil your s*xual satisfaction:

 At the end of the day, you are human and need to fulfill your s*xual urges. But you are not one of those people who would avail escort services or pick up a woman for a bar. Hence you always rely on self-service.

10. Nothing is as important as emotional bond in a relationship:

 Without an emotional bond, a relationship cannot last long enough. Physical attraction is important but if you don’t have your heart in it then the relationship will soon just be a drag.

11. You usually don’t date strangers:

You believe in the old saying that a before being your girlfriend she should be your friend first. This is because you trust your friends enough to open up to them.

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