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A Story About Soul Contracts & Synchronicity

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Coincidences in life do not exist. The definition of a coincidence is that it is a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances, without apparent connection or significant meaning.

Again, these do not exist as all coincidences have to mean – this is what Carl Jung defined as synchronicity.

Synchronicities refer to the law of unity, which we are all linked to our unconscious. There is no separation between you, me, anyone, or anything else. No matter how small it is, any movement will eventually be felt by us all.

Every interaction that we have with other people will trigger a chain reaction which impacts the universe.

This can be some small interactions which include a friendly smile to the clerk at the gas station, or changing her day. This may make her smile at the next person she meets, who treats his clients better, and they go along and feel better, as well as pass along the chain of love to the next.

Also, it can have huge effects on the world like a woman in Montgomery, Alabama who refuses giving up her seat on a bus in 1955, which was the reason for the civil rights movement in the period of 1960s.

When we are aware of synchronicities, we will start seeing them every day and in every moment, as well as interaction and movement.

In fact, we see that not just are synchronicities true, but that they also exist in every single moment. Everything around us is synchronicity; every moment is changing the course of history for the world.

The writer of one article tells how he had one of these that reminded him of how simple this works.

He had plans to meet up with someone at 9:00 p.m., and he was early, so he stopped by his local gym to go for a quick 45-minute jog. He says that Cardio has become a form of meditation for him and it permits him to clear his mind, as well as come up with some new ideas.

He had been struggling with how he can do more to give back to other people and make a difference in the world. He was hoping that a quick cardio session would boost some creative juices and give him some ideas.

But, the Universe prepared a better plan for him in place. About seven minutes into his jog, he explains, the sole of his shoe started to rip open, and he could feel his big toe pressing against the moving rubber of the treadmill.

Frustrated, he wanted to “fight through it,” but he knew that it would only create a much greater plan. There was no other choice for him but to end his session at this point. He felt like lifting, so he returned to text his friend and see if they could meet earlier.

As he was driving away from the gym, he was receiving about twenty texts, so he had to pull over and see what was going. Through the intersection, there was a Super America gas station on the left and a Walgreens pharmacy on the right.

He was coming there often, and he says that 99% of the time he stops for a snack or anything that he always goes to the gas station. He had every intention to go to the gas station that day, in fact, he had his left blinker on and there was a car behind him, and it was bright to turn.

Just at that moment, it was if somebody grabbed hold of the wheel, as he felt powerful urge to go to Walgreens suddenly. He switched his blinker to the right side and made a quick, sharp turn into the pharmacy so fast that his tries squealed which was quite embarrassing.

While he was sitting in his car responding to texts and in his world, he continued to ask what he can do to give back and help the world. He grabbed a piece of paper and started making a list of the things he wanted to do to help volunteer, as well as start new projects or reach out to others.

He came up with an incredible list and then just asked, “If only an opportunity would present itself to me.”

Then, the opportunity knocked

A knock on his passenger side glass startled him, and he looked up. When he looked from the window, he says, there was a middle-aged African-American man that had taken a good couple steps back from his car and had both his hands up as if to show him that he had no weapon and that he was not a threat.

He says that the man had a sincere look of helplessness on his face, so he was curious about how his facial expressions looked like to have him jump back a few steps. He rolled down the window, and he could see everything in this man’s body language that he was in dire need.

The man with remorse in his eyes then said: “I am so sorry. I hate bothering you, but I am in need of some help.”

Then, he asked curiously: “Sure, what’s the problem?”

The man asked: “Do you know where Brooklyn Park is? It is a long way from this place. I came out to help other people, and now I’m the one that is stuck here.”

Just to be clear, Brooklyn Park is predominately back suburb of Minneapolis-St. Paul area. He says that he was living in a predominately white suburb about an hour away from this man’s description. He was not sure what he needed at this time, and he kept his window down and waited for the man to continue.

Then the man with a shamed look on his face said: “This is so embarrassing, but I was out here helping someone out, and I am just about out of gas. I need to go back to Brooklyn Park, but I forgot my wallet. I tried to do something good, and this is what happened. Could you help me, please?”

So, he said: “Yes, let’s go inside, and I will grab you some cash.”

As both of them walked inside to the ATM, he felt all eyes were upon them. An elderly couple looked at him in disgust; one middle-aged white man scowled at the one that needed help, and one of the younger female workers had some fear in her eyes.

The woman that was behind the counter, the only other African-American in the store, gave him a look in her eye which was saying that he has a good and kind heart, but her facial expression had a tone as if to say “but you are being taken advantage of by this guy.”

He gave the man $20 and asked if that would be enough to get him home. Then the man with a tear in his eye said: “Thank you so much, you are not aware of how embarrassing this is. I asked a couple of people, and you will not believe what they responded. One man told him, “How the hell can a grown-ass man forget his wallet!’”

Then, he told the man: “I do it all the time. We have all been there. I hope that someone would do the same for me if I were in your situation.”

Then, the man hugged him in front of everyone in the store and wished him a happy Fourth of July weekend. Then, he wished the man well and went on his way to pick up a few snacks at the store.

He says that this is what he calls a soul contract. A soul contract is prearranged contract before entering this lifetime which we make with other people.

All of us do so to teach each other lessons which help us grow. This was just a part of their plan to meet each other, and the universe works in ways to make sure they meet.

The worn out soles of his tennis shoes led him to another worn out the soul that was asking for help. But, this is not where the soul contract end, it goes much deeper.

Every one of us has soul contracts with every person that we encounter, every single day. There were also some other soul contracts with each person in that store for us to teach each other lessons.

As he made his way to the counter, the middle-aged man that previously yelled at the guy asking for some help, was in front of him. He says that that man spends $34.17 that day, mostly on junk food, as well as soda, candy, and unnecessary items.

He told him in disgust: “I cannot believe that you gave that man money. You realize that he is taking it to the liquor store or a crack house right now.”

Then, he told the man as he looked directly into his eyes that filled with the hurt of his own: “That is not up to me. I am just responsible for my actions, choices, as well as behaviors. I am not responsible for the outcome. The man asked for money to get to his home, and I willingly gave him some money. That is all that happened. Nobody can know the outcome, nor do we have to know.”

Then, the other man grumbled and threw his hands at him as to say: “The hell with you.” After that, the man took his bags of junk food and walked out the store counting to carry with him his bitterness that the entire situation caused him.

He says that he also had a soul contract with this man. He was teaching him about how he has acted in a situation in the past.

He says that thirty minutes ago, worn out soles of his sneakers had ruined his day and he was getting bitter. Every person that we encounter is just a reflection of ourselves, and this man was portraying the way he was acting internally not too long ago.

He was letting a minor inconvenience ruin his day. That is the lesson the man was providing him. Hopefully, he says that his lesson to the man was spreading the love. But once again, it is not up to him what his lesson is to the man. He is not responsible for the outcome.

He says that the woman that was behind the counter did not even mention the interaction. She just smiled and wished him well after paying for his items. There was a soul contract there too. He was not aware of the reasons, nor the need to know them.

He says that he does not know the ending of this story and probably never will. It brings great inner peace to no longer need to attach to results. Also, it brings great humility to remember that each person that we meet, despite our differences in belief, as well as opinions and attitudes, is there to teach us something and help us grow.

Honoring soul contracts in our daily lives

There are three main ways which will help us remember soul contracts, as well as honor them throughout our everyday lives. The first ways are remembering the story of Brahma. In this tale, Brahma creates the universe and all the people in it.

Then, his friend Maya asks to play one game. In that game, Maya cuts Brahma up into millions of pieces and puts a piece of him in every human being. Maya erases Brahma’s memory, so he does not remember, and the game is for him to find himself in every person – or for each of us to find God in each other.

If we take this concept one step deeper, we will understand that every person is actually “me” from another existence. It is working on the same level as the story of Brahma. We are all one interconnected being and experiencing the world from different points of view.

When we view the world in this way, we can see the pain and hurt in others eyes, and see into their soul. The writer says that he does not know the man’s story that was so angry, but he knows that it was “him” from a different lifetime and he was trying to help him grow and flourish.

The third way of thinking of soul contracts is by taking the second concept even one step further. Since we are all God from a different perspective, we think of each other person we meet as an enlightened master and have been put in our path to teach us a lesson.

Every person that we meet is enlightened, except for ourselves. With this perspective, we learn from everyone. The man needing gas, the old couple, the angry man, the scared employee, and the kind woman that was behind the counter, were all put there to teach him something.

We can only hope that he learned the lesson. But, when he will not learn the lesson, soul contracts have some stipulations which ensure that we are not moving on until we get what we had to know from that interaction.

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