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Why Twin Flames Meet Later In Life After Marriage

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by Mamata Anurag

It is a popular notion on internet that the multiple relationships that twin flames get into, with non-TFs, is mainly to learn lessons and clear off the karma.

This notion is strongly in conflict with the awareness I received in my journey. It’s just quite the opposite. The twin flames are nurturing unnecessary karma by prolonging their relationships with people who are NOT their twin flames.

This is very evident as they lead their lives day in and day out with dilemma, loathing and self-doubt…stuck in a place where they don’t belong and yet fulfill their responsibilities dutifully. Isn’t all that karma after all? And who said this was all necessary…that it must be necessarily fulfilled?

Trust me, this is NOT God’s way of preparing a twin flame couple for their union! The Divine never offers multiple relationships for a person to learn about a perfect relationship. A relationship can be made beautiful by living it out and learning through it constantly. You don’t need ANOTHER relationship to learn this stuff. If it is merely for the sake of learning…multiple relationships would never be needed!

Think of it! Twin flames who walked this journey many times in their previous lives…need another relationship to learn lessons!?! Do they really need ONE MORE relationship to learn “love and life” lessons? When even unawake people can handle love and life happily without such lessons! Have the twin flames NOT been lucky to learns those lessons yet through their past lives?

While I agree, people can always learn lessons through relationships, I’d add…given one more wrong relationship, you will have even more lessons to learn. This can be never-ending! You want more, you get more…if lessons are what you want to attract, instead of your twin flame!

Let me get into some background of twin flames. Twin flames taking divergent paths is in the nature of the twin flame journey.

The lives on Earth are a reflection of Cosmic events. The twin flames are participating in this journey to fix a Cosmic Error that is standing as a big hurdle to Ascension. And that cosmic error is playing itself out in the lives of all the twin flame couples.

This cosmic error is responsible for divergence and multiple relationships. And it is those very things that twin flames have to OVERCOME.

By accepting, committing to and prolonging relationships with non-TFs, twin flames are actually fostering and deepening the error instead of fixing it! It’s like trying to uncork a bottle in the reverse direction and making the lid tighter and making it more difficult to open…while it would have been so easy to open the bottle, if only they turned the lid in the right direction!

So, now coming to the question! Why do twin flames meet later in life after marriage?

There are all sort of combinations out there! Twin flames who meet young, go their own ways..cross paths…go their own ways…get married…cross paths again…

Or..twin flames who get married before spiritual awakening…and cross paths with their twin flames and then awaken…

Whatever it is, the common element is…the twin flames are NOT married to each other, but married to somebody else! So what is the reason for that?

It is certainly NOT for learning some lessons!

It is in the nature of the journey! It is due to the Cosmic Error that they are getting into these relationships. And I reiterate, it is that very thing they must OVERCOME!

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