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Feng Shui And The Practice Of Magic

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Magic and Feng Shui

Feng Shui belongs to the realm of metaphysics but it is also a natural science, containing the usual elements of cause and effect.

As for magic, the reality of it is often questioned but many people have had experiences which cannot be explained in another way. Advanced technology mastered in recent times might even be seen as magic.

It is astounding how some principles taught by Feng Shui are actually perfectly aligned with the recent theories of parallel universes and dimensions.

We now know that the placement of a physical object in one location can have an effect on the invisible magnetic field or even on another dimension. Clearly, our ancestors had knowledge of these things.

Can we change our DNA?

As human beings, we are often faced with knowledge that offers to create a very real change in our lives. Sometimes are not just physical or physiological. They might be in a 3rd dimension.

Feng Shi actually tries to teach us how to interact with dimensions that we do not know of yet. Just like we don’t understand new concepts at once, there are some principles that we still haven’t understood.

Earlier Feng Shui could only be accessed by the very rich. This was because instead of helping the commoners, Fengh Shui masters used to directly work for the Emperor and his government.

They were able to control large numbers of people. Even entire armies could be controlled by the sound of a large gong. The masters are even now reluctant to share these powerful formulae with others.

I was a student of metaphysics before I began to learn Feng Shui. But even now I am apprehensive of using it to help others as I do not want to influence their destiny in a God like manner.

I even hold back from learning certain techniques as it is hard to separate them from elements observed in occult like magic.

If I can help you with the usual Feng Shui techniques, I will. But I will not cause harm to others. All master and practitioners must take great care and ensure that they do not add to their client’s karma.

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