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Immediate Action Required: Mars in Aries (28 January to 9 March, 2017)

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Immediate Action Required: Mars in Aries (28 January to 9 March, 2017)

As January comes to a close, Mars reaches his home sign of Aries. After six weeks of swimming through the emotional and sometimes draining waters of Pisces (draining for Mars, at least), the Cosmic Warrior dries out and warms himself by the fire of his home sign.

Yet Mars is unlikely to stay still for long. In Aries, he is at his most active: impulsive, determined, and strong. And he’s picked a feisty, fiery time to arrive home – we have both solar and lunar eclipses during his time in the sign of the ram, and he leads the Sun towards the Aries equinox. Things are likely to get moving and keep moving over the next couple of months, and Mars will be adding fuel to the fire.

Mars doesn’t make too many aspects early in his voyage through Aries. In fact, the first major aspect he makes comes almost a month in, on February 22nd, when he squares Pluto in Capricorn. That’s not to say he won’t be busy earlier on – lunar aspects will constantly be reminding us that Mars is striding through Aries. The February 10th lunar eclipse in Leo is in close aspect to Uranus in Aries, warming things up for Mars’ meeting later in the month.

Still, it is in the last two weeks of his six-week stay that Mars really gets moving. The tense aspect on February 22nd is likely to ramp up tensions between obligations and independence at the personal level. Collectively, things could reach a boiling point – but probably won’t boil over just yet. With a square to Vesta in Cancer just two days away, there could be a great deal of tension around so-called ‘women’s issues’ (as though they only affected women!).

The solar eclipse on February 26th is in the sign of Pisces, but Mars meets with Uranus in Aries on the same day, then goes on to oppose Jupiter in Libra. The intensity of a solar eclipse is generally implosive, but with Mars and Uranus together in Aries, we’re likely to see a more explosive energy. Patience will be at a premium around this time, and Jupiter’s plea to maintain equilibrium through diplomacy may go unheard. Give others a lot of space around this time, and take some for yourself. Do push ahead with things you think are critical as there is great potential to assert yourself, but be aware that free-floating energy could latch onto a cause and get us to take things too far.

A more stabilizing energy is in effect around March 5th, as Mars trines Saturn in Sagittarius. While in some respects this can indicate a healing, helpful effect, it is also possible that erratic, revolutionary energy is brought to heel, rather than heal. We may be told to get in line, and the cost of rebellion could be spelled out in stark terms. Mars is willing to fight for Sagittarian beliefs, from whichever side of the political aisle they emanate.

Four days later, Mars leaves Aries for Taurus. While this represents a change in the cosmic weather, we get there only after Mars fights his way through the last few degrees of Aries. From the beginning of March, look for Martial energy to be strong, and a certain inclination to combativeness to be in the air. Use it to advocate for yourself, your ideas, and your cause, but pick your fights carefully.

The Fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will feel the energy of Mars in Aries most directly. Those with Aries placements will be supercharged in the relevant areas of life, and Aries Sun signs will have energy for just about anything and everything. Sagittarius may have a more or less playful approach, and creative projects should really benefit. Leo may get a bit of the travel bug, or feel like exploring – even if in books rather than on the road.

Air signs – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius – also share in the energy directly. Geminis may find their social calendar booked, and it is indeed a good time for networking, whether for work or socializing. Libras may have to deal with relationship issues, but may also find their partners more energized. Aquarius can apply the Mars-in-Aries vibe as it chooses, although a writing project would certainly be a good choice.

Fire and Water make for a difficult balance, and the Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces may feel challenged by Mars. Crabs may find themselves dealing with career matters, perhaps increased demands or a demanding supervisor. Scorpio may also have to deal with work issues, although on a more mundane level – an irritable or irritating coworker, greater day-to-day demands, and so on. Pisces can take the opportunity to focus (not a very Piscean word!) on finances.

Earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn – also deal with Mars in Aries with a bit of ambiguity. Taurus may have the most difficulty handling the energy, as it is virtually unseen – like a buzzing sound when you’re trying to sleep, coming from a source you can’t locate. Virgo should be aware of financial matters around loans, mortgages, taxes, and such – although Jupiter is helping Virgo with personal finance this year, so things shouldn’t get too out of hand. Still, Virgos should be careful not to overextend themselves or pile up too much debt. Jupiter can inspire us to say ‘yes’ but Mars in Aries might be saying ‘no’ to a purchase. Capricorn might be more focused on home and family. There may be issues with the physical house – perhaps a desire to make changes and renovate, or it could be that a family member is demanding attention.

Whatever we each experience at the personal level, Mars’ time in Aries is likely to be very significant at the collective level, too. While getting overwhelmed is never a good idea, neither is it wise to tune out to the social and political issues that are demanding our attention: sometimes, action is required.

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