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Saturn Is Going Retrograde: Get Ready For A Double Dose Of Karma

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Saturn is going retrograde on 17th April at 9° in the house of Capricorn. The retrograde phase will end on 6th September when it has reached at 2° in Capricorn. As we all know, retrograde is the time for retrospection and getting your just deserts.

Add to it the fact that Saturn is the planet which governs Karmic law. So in short, this period will see you being rewarded or punished, as merited by your past actions. Not just that, this year, the retrograde period is going to be focused on verbal actions and their impacts. So whatever you’ve said in the past to someone, whether pleasant or rude, will be doled out to you in equal measures.

What is meant by Saturn Retrograde in your Natal chart

This implies that in one or more previous lives, you shirked responsibilities and lacked discipline. You might have failed people who depended on you, no matter whether the reason be your health or plain laziness. Therefore, you have to make up for it in this life, even if it means extra hardships for you now. Saturn retrograde will bring out the problems in your life which are holding you back. They might very well be the reason for your depression or gloomy thoughts too. Knowing your shortcomings will help you overcome them and learn to be self disciplined, answerable and eventually successful.

Saturn retrograde occurrence

It happens every year or so and can last up to 4 months. During it’s transit, it crosses anywhere between 5 to 7 degrees in a zodiac. This time is one for retrospection, especially about your responsibilities. Whether or not you have delivered what was expected of you. This time has been granted specially to focus on these things because their importance in your life cannot be questioned. So learn to get over your sadness or guilt (which are negative traits brought on by Saturn) and learn to take charge during this retrograde period

The Astrology of Saturn Retrograde

The period of Saturn retrograde is one where you have to learn about responsibilities and being accountable to those who rely on you. During this 4.5 month period, Saturn doesn’t make many aspects with other celestial bodies, but here are the major aspects-

With Facies– Which is a fixed star located at 08°33’ Capricorn. This will have a direct influence on retrograde Saturn and will impart to you the drive needed to turn your goals into achievements. But it can also be harmful especially if you are a pessimist because Mercury Square Saturn will only intensify your negative thoughts.

Mercury Square Saturn– As mentioned before, this retrograde period is about your thoughts and your words. Retrograde would also mean there is a lot of chaos in communication. Avoid making major decisions during this time because a play on words might proof fatal for you.

Retribution for your past verbal abuse towards others is on its way. There is nothing you can do to stop karma. Also know that your thoughts will control you if you let them. They might also tend to turn towards the negative side, a lot during this time. Don’t let that happen or you will find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of depression and sadness.

Focus on your thought patterns and learn to overcome them during this retrograde period. That is the best you can do during this time.

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