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How To Stay Safe During An Ouija Board Session

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Using Ouija Boards is a convenient way of contacting the Spirit Realm. Its use has been shown in various pop-culture movies and shows too.

But things are not always safe with an Ouija Board. Some question its safety while others question its legitimacy. It’s not a child’s play so you should always tread with caution while using an Ouija Board. The safety part we have got covered here:

1. Cleanse Your Surrounding Before The Session

Cleansing can be done with an elaborate ritual or it can be with some quick fixes, depending on the location and its vibrations. Not all spaces are suited for an Ouija Board session. Certain spaces act as portals for very specific spirits and hence they require extra caution. A deep cleansing is the best. Not just the space, the timing matters too. An Eclipse, for example, has extreme energy so sessions during such timings should be avoided.

2. Protective Circle For All Involved

Before your session begins, make sure you have cast a protective circle all around. This is one very important step people often miss.

3. Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels are the most helpful and loving spirits. It is best to ask for their divine wisdom when your session begins. They are always around but you must ask for their help.

4. Work In A Group

Ouija can be challenging for us to face alone. Always have at least one other person during your session to make it feel better and easier. It is often advised that there should be even number of people during Ouija Board sessions.

5. Raise vibrations

Whenever there is an attempt at contacting Higher Realms, it is best for us to raise our own vibrations. Your heightened energy will attract their higher energy. Some methods of raising your own vibrations are:

a) light white candles to keep the space vibrating on a higher level

b) chant mantras/prayers/spiritual affirmations

c) use music

d) Chakra Cleansing and meditation can help too

6. Protective Amulet

When dealing in such murky waters, it is best to have all the protection you can get. Amulets only add to the list. You can buy authentic ones o can even create your very own amulet.

7. Don’t Ask For Physical Signs

An Ouija Board is best used to ask for written signs only. Physical signs can often go unnoticed or could result in distractions or further trouble. If you seek physical signs, opt for other techniques.

8. Avoid Provocating The Spirits

You must address the Spirits you are contacting with love and respect. Be sure of what you want to know and request properly. Do not abuse your powers with the Ouija Board to bully or insult the Spirits.

9. Say Goodbye And Thank You

Always express your gratitude to the Spirits beyond, irrespective of the success of your session. Thank the powers too which helped you establish contact. Say goodbye and make sure you close the session. Residual energy must not spread from the Ouija Board session.

While Ouija Board sessions can be great successes to certain people seeking questions, others may not always have the same luck. Remember that a lot of factors contribute to making such sessions successful. So if you did not succeed today, come back later with better vibrations.

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