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Be Your Own Palm Reader: This Is What Your Hands Reveal About Your Personality

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Are you always right in time, or always running late? Creative, a perfectionist, athletic? Your hands reveal many things about you.

The size of your hands, the length of your fingers and your skin structure show your character. That comes in handy when you’re on a date, or during a job interview.

Firm handshake 

You probably met them: people who almost crush your hands when you meet. How does that make you feel about a person? Depending on your own personality, you might think of them as self confident or too dominant. Ira Nagel, hand reader and owner of the Namasté Café in The Hague: ‘People with a firm, dry handshake are decisive and often dominating. A limp handshake means the opposite: lack of self confidence. Clammy hands reveal a person is nervous and represent sensitivity.’

Your skin structure

Rough skin structure: fierce, go-getter
Normal skin structure: balanced, aware of other people’s feelings
Delicate skin structure: sensitive (to vibes)

Big or small hands

Does a person have relatively big or small hands? People with big hands are often bon vivants, versatile persons. People with small hands are quick thinkers and often a bit impatient. Ira: ‘In a conversation with a small handed person, you have to get to the point quickly, or they’ll get restless. They are often proactive people who see the bigger picture. Conversation partners with big hands are calmer, and the ones with long fingers are analytic. People with mid-size hands are both intuitive and rational, which makes them good at mediating.’

The length of your fingers

Long fingers: analytic, an eye for detail
Short fingers: helicopter view, focused on action
Mid length fingers: combination of both qualities


The length of your phalanges reveals whether you’re an emotional, a rational or a physical person. People with an upper phalanx that’s longer than the middle and lower one, are often emotional and decide upon their feelings. A longer middle phalanx is common with rational people and a long lower phalanx represents the need for a physical challenge. ‘A constricted lower phalanx means you’re not grounded enough,’ says Ira.

Your phalanges

Longest upper phalanges: inspiring, spontaneous, creative
Longest middle phalanges: rational, turns ideas into plans
Longest lower phalanges: grounded, focused on actions, physical challenge

The length of your fingers

‘If your index finger is shorter than your ring finger, you’ve experienced a longer period of insecurity. This period might be over, but the finger won’t grow,’ Ira explains. A middle finger that’s almost a phalanx longer than the index finger and the ring finger, often belongs to a structured person who keeps a promise. A short pinky (the top doesn’t reach the ring finger’s upper phalanx) often belongs to late bloomers whose lives change quickly after their thirtieth birthday. An index finger that’s longer than the ring finger represents people who take on the same role at home as they have at work.

Which finger is the most striking?

Thumb: perseverance, will power
Index finger: growth, ambition, self awareness, spirituality
Middle finger: responsibility, structure, seriousness
Ring finger: lust for life, energy, happiness
Pinky: communication, self expression


Can you easily move back your fingers? Then you might give in too easily. Your left hand represents your private life, the right one represents work. Ira: ‘It could be that the fingers of your left hand are more bendable because you’re more flexible in your private life than in your working life.’ A thumb that’s very bendable, means you change opinions easily due to other people’s opinions.

See the lines in your hands

Few lines: knows how to stick to their own opinion, not too impressionable
Many lines: chaotic mind, sensitive to stress, impressionable
Very delicate, thin lines: highly sensitive

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