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What Is The ‘Jump Program’ And What You Need To Know About It

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by Conscious Reminder

Anyone who has seen the Matrix trilogy will know about the Jump Program. It deals with the concept of entering our own brain and believing that we can surpass the abilities of the human body and do things like jump from the top floor of a skyscraper and not die.

Where did the movie get the idea?

The movie borrows the concept of the Jump Program from many different belief systems like Mahayana and other schools of Buddhism, and Descartes. All these systems talk about how your physical body is different from your true self.

In the first Matrix movie, Neo is taught by Morpheus to completely release his mind and release himself from his physical self. He learns to exist outside of his body and inside the subconscious. He does this by leaping off a skyscraper with the knowledge that his surroundings are fake so he can take that leap without the fear of dying. This makes up the Jump Program and it helps those who wish to be lucid dreamers.

This isn’t easy to do especially when you are inside a dream. You also have to be aware that you are inside a lucid dream so that you get the courage to just jump. If take too much time, your subconscious makes it known that you are inside a dream. If the mind doesn’t back you, your brain thinks that you are actually jumping so it will wake you. If you get it right and manage to control yourself inside a dream, you can take a leap and be sure that you will start flying.

The Confidence

The whole ritual is dependent on controlling the mind and being aware that you have the ability to do it. As soon as you start doubting yourself, you will be jolted awake. You will need to be completely sure that you can take that leap. As Morpheus said to Neo, “You can’t hope you’ll make it. You have to know you will.”

You’ll have to master lucid dreaming to be confident enough to make this happen. You also have to give your mind complete freedom. It is going to take quite a bit of effort so don’t expect to get it right the first time. You have to be able to bring about a separation of the mind and the body in order to believe that you can achieve a feat like this one. The experience will be like nothing else.

The trilogy is full of different mind games which all point to some aspect of our lives. The story is inspired by the vast majority of people sleeping through their lives without being able to find a connection to their conscious mind and come out of what we are taught is ‘real’.

It is a movie that everyone should watch and try to emulate while trying to bring about lucid dreaming. It is a brilliant practice to take part in. After all, it is not just about taking that leaping from a great height, it is also about finding that belief that you can. It is especially about learning to believe in yourself.

When all us find out how to connect with the mind and create inside it, those creations will come to life before us. You have to know with every part of your being that this is possible. That is what it takes to achieve creation.

When you manage to find and understand how to separate these aspects of yourself, in the world of dreaming as well as in the world of the living, life will never be the same again.

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