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The Significance Of Wedding Rings And Why They Are Important

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by Conscious Reminder

Marriages are special. We have been to marriages and we know how special they are, not only for the bride and bridegroom but also for the audience. For us.

It just makes us come in pleasant tears when we notice the choking happiness of the groom when he spots the bride walking down the aisle. You can see they are lost in endless love – in the forever that they are going to promise to each other.

One of the best things about marriage is not the pronunciation of Husband and Wife, but the wedding rings. From the time when the Best Man and the Maid of Honor hand the wedding rings to the pastor to the time when they are slipped in each other’s fingers – it’s a priceless moment. They promise to never take them out.

Sadly, enough, nowadays most couples decide to take them out. They are inconveniences for them. It’s okay if it causes a skin condition or some other emergency dictates it – but most of the younger couples decide to do it for other reasons. Maybe they are not in style. But for a strong marriage to last, wedding rings are important. And here’s why:

1. Wedding rings reveal your marital status

When you are approached by a person, a wedding ring will show them whether you are available or not. Many people choose to take away their wedding rings to cheat on their spouses. Others are aware of this silent ploy.

So, the first thing people notice is whether you are wearing a wedding ring or not. It shows your commitment and availability. It also shows your integrity and whether you are a trustworthy person or not. So, why not try to reduce misconceptions by wearing this ring?

2. Wedding rings show that your decisions will affect your spouse too.

Your wedding ring sets a connection between you and your wife. It is a way of creating a permanent bond, a tangible manifestation of the utterance, ‘I Do’. According to the Bible, you are One. Hence.

Everything you say or do will affect you and your spouse equally. If you look at the wedding ring, it will remind you of the gravity of the ‘I Do’ that you mention and hence, will make your marriage worth a thousand times more.

3. Your wedding ring is a sign of respect

Respect is something that is not always communicated verbally. Sometimes, silent acts show respect, or for that matter, disrespect. If your spouse has told you to wear the ring, you respect their opinion.

You respect that they want something from you and you would try your best to fulfill it. If you continuously deny it, then you are disrespecting them and their earnest request.

4. Wedding rings are a defense against infidelity

While infidelity cannot be completely prevented with wedding rings, it can have an effect. When people see the wedding ring, they immediately know that you have your boundaries. That you are married and you respect it.

If you want to keep your marriage low-key, then you will attract people towards you. Cheaters are also known to do that. Of course, there will be many people who do not respect the sanctity of marriage and still ask you out. But most will know that you are committed and would not come near.

5. Wedding rings show that your marriage matters

You will probably have kids someday. You must show your kids that a strong bond like marriage matters. You have to show them that being both supportive husband and wife in both public and private setting is important.

The ring provides proof that the strong bond of marriage truly exists. They notice the ring; they know it’s meaning. And when they see that both of you are wearing it, they know how connected you both are to each other.

6. Why not wear it?

So, there are so many upsides of wearing your wedding ring. So, the question is: why not wear it? There is nothing remotely bad about wearing it and you can see how it uplifts a relationship and bring about respect between husband and wife.

So, the question should not be ‘Why I don’t want to wear it?’ but rather ‘What can I do to not stop wearing it?’

Wedding rings are special. Don’t let a simple fashion statement ruin it for you.

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