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Don’t Take The Sagittarius May Full Moon Lightly, It’s A Powerful One

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by Conscious Reminder

The 29th of this May brings with it a Full Moon which is positive and adventurous at the same time. The sky has cleared up after a rather long while.

This Full Moon is going to take place in the sign of Sagittarius, precisely at 8°10’. Gemini and Sagittarius, well as Pisces and Virgo will be the signs naturally affected by this Full Moon.

This Full Moon encourages us to stretch the boundaries we have made for ourselves. The positivity of the Full Moon promotes discovery and adventure. This is in sync with the inclinations of the sign Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is always on the lookout for adventure and to explore new and unknown territories. The last month has been quite nerve wracking for many, and this excitement is just the release that many have been craving for.

The combination of the Full Moon and Sagittarius has long been known to bring happiness, joviality and positivity, but this time around all these traits are boosted, thanks to some other factors. Usually Full Moons are married with opposition thanks to the polarities of the Sun and the Moon.

However this time, this opposing nature has been partially calmed owing to the aspects made with Aquarius and Mars by both these luminaries. This means a significant quelling of the anger and other overpowering emotions associated with Full Moons.

Mars makes aspects with both the Sun and the Moon. The former located in Gemini, makes a trine aspect with Mars, whereas the latter makes for a sextile aspect. Mars, also the planet governing action, allows for the building pressure and tension to be released by providing an outlet. This we have the energy and the motivation to make out mark, through our actions. This is the perfect time to make a niche for yourself in the world.

Usually the problem faced by us in realizing our dreams is that we find a significant gap between our vision and predictions and the hard facts of the world. But this Full Moon takes care of that discrepancy. It allows for our vision to correspond with the reality of the world around us.

This has been accomplished with proper preparation and reevaluating goals according to their feasibility. Now is the time to modify or change your vision, with the knowledge you have accumulated and you’ll be sure of a positive result. Look inside, you’ll find all that you need.

That’s about it regarding the major aspects made during the Full Moon. However, Mars located in Aquarius makes a sextile aspect to the Moon which is in Sagittarius. The overall pattern resembles a wedge and represents reformative action.

Mars located in Aquarius also makes a trine with the Sun located in Gemini. Overall it denotes that we are able to perceive all that lays ahead of us, at ease. Knowing what is in store for us and preparing ourselves accordingly for whenever we have to take the plunge.

Another notable occurrence is that formed by the water signs, namely Venus, Neptune and Jupiter. This trine reinforces the positivity have been talking about.

Jupiter trine Neptune helps us with strengthening our vision as well as our beliefs at the same time.

Jupiter trine Venus, is a harbinger of good times and joy and peace.

Neptune trine Venus fills out life with optimistic feelings and spirituality.

All in all this Full Moon provides us with the opportunity to purge ourselves of our overwhelming emotions and motivates us to look for a new start in life. This is the ideal time to bring in changes which will affect our life for the long term and thus need to be taken seriously.

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