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Pink Full Moon In Scorpio On 29th April: One Of The Energetically Most Powerful Full Moons Of The Year

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This April’s Full Moon will occur in the sign of Scorpio. Taking place near the end of the month, 29th to be precise, it will signal a great tumult in the way we are dealing with things right now; some huge changes can be expected out of it.

The influence of the cosmos on us is undeniable during the Full Moon. This is the time to learn from the Lunar goddess and put humanity and compassion above everything and let go of the hate we have garnered against each other.

Astrological Influences

The Full Moon will take place at 9° Scorpio, while the Sun resides in Taurus. Taurus which is stubborn and Scorpio which couldn’t care less about anything are the best players for forming a yin-yang combination. Therefore, for some this April would be a great time to be alive but others would find it hard to maneuver through.

Moon sextile Saturn means that there will be a lot of push and pull between energies before harmony can be reached. But it will occur at all costs. The yin and the yang will balance out each other eventually. The feminine energy is strengthened during this time and can balance the usually overpowering masculine force.

Spiritual Significance

The Full Moon is also the time to let go of the past. Release those feelings and emotions which hinder and bind you. Now is the time to look forward to what the future holds for you instead of mulling over the past. All of us have the positive energy within us to help us March forward, we just need to reach within ourselves and tap into this source.

We have a force hidden within us. Be it the wizard, the witch or the angel. We have to believe in ourselves to tune into their power. This is the time to bring healing into our lives. And the way to do this is by having faith; the faith that there is an angel within each of us.

Have the faith that we can shrug off the mistakes and wounds of the past and go forth towards a bright future. Remember that for us to access the power of light; we have to become a part of it.

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