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Covid-19: Humbling Times Of Isolation, Not Desperation & Fear

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

In times when fear and uncertainty spread like wildfire, it’s of crucial importance to stay calm, sober-headed and well-informed. 

Speaking of staying well-informed, please, choose wisely whom you allow into your headspace. Not everything we read online and hear on TV is true. There are so many toxic insights all over social media. Don’t buy into them, don’t feed the ignorance. This situation is very much real, as is Covid-19.

People tend to sensationalize information and blow things out of proportion just to make profits. It’s been the case since the beginning of the mass media, but now we need to not panic.

Pay attention to information that makes sense and is not based on fearmongering. Mental health is as important as staying physically safe. Calm is the order of the day. So is kindness. It’s very important not to be afraid, but intelligent and to show understanding, self-discipline, and compassion.

These are humbling times. Times of isolation, not desperation. The next week – even the next 72 hours – can make a huge difference in the lives of millions. We chose to stay home, and we suggest you should too. It’s not a fear-based decision. It’s self-preservation and preservation of others.

Our elderly are the most affected, and as much as I am concerned about their physical wellbeing, I am more apprehensive about their mental state. Most of them are staying home anyway, but now the media keeps talking about death numbers and them being the social group of highest risk.

Being in a constant state of alertness can take a great toll on your mental and emotional state, especially if you are of that fragile age. Of course, doctors and scientists have to keep the public informed, but that can be quite frightening and cause anxiety especially in people with already compromised health.

I suggest we all keep an eye on our elderly. Communicate with them on a daily bases and more if needed. Do it mostly via social media or phone, unless in case of an emergency. If you need to approach someone elderly or anyone with compromised health, please make sure to keep your distance and use a mask. Offer your help to anyone in need, but be careful not to risk your own well-being.

We are stronger when we stand united. Our aim now should be collaboration, not competition. Stock up, but don’t overdo it. Others need food too. Build a support system for your family, friends, neighbors and even distant relatives. Use social media, create WhatApp and Facebook group chats and make sure everyone’s basic needs are met.

Currently, there’s no cure known to science that has a drastic effect on Covid-19, so the best thing you can do to protect yourself is to stay healthy in the comfort of your home. Cancel all social gatherings, stop going to the gyms and libraries and try working from home.

You can be carrying and spreading the virus even with showing zero symptoms. Quarantine is risk reduction of the highest-level. The sooner we stop the spread of the virus, the sooner we can go back to living our normal lives.

Stay HOME! Stay SAFE!

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