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September Moons: Pisces Full Moon & Libra New Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

Pisces Full Moon

September will be host to a Full Moon on its 14th day, which will be situated in Pisces. Now, Pisces as a watery sign is already pretty sensitive and emotional.

Add the emotional vibration of Full Moons, and you have a tear-jerker on your hands. So, don’t be rude to people and make sure that your words aren’t mean to people close to you, or they might start crying.

Pisces can make us super-compassionate as well as sacrificial to an extent that we wouldn’t care about our own self-esteem or well-being. With that said, we do really need to put boundaries in place that are going to prevent us from focusing too much on others while neglecting ourselves.

Pisces heralds the end of the signs of the zodiac while a Full Moon is symbolic of something coming to fruition, and hence, completion. It goes without saying that you would see something ending before you. It is the Universe’s sign that you need to let go of what’s holding you back.

Pisces also controls our subconscious psyche, which will assist us to understand ourselves way better than we thought possible. Also, this Full Moon would be heightening our intuition a great deal, so don’t forget to use it to understand your surroundings better.

The Moon sextiles Pluto in the zodiac of Capricorn, which will help us understand the passionate energy that comes through and enable us to use it. The Moon also conjuncts Neptune, which would bring about a hidden fact out in the open or might render us a bit vulnerable.

Libra New Moon

The 28th of September will host the New Moon in Libra. Interestingly, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun too would be in Libra, making it a period of focussing on other people.

Since the Pisces Full Moon was all about living for others as well, the entire month of September is the same to all and sundry.

The effects this month will have on us would lead to the introduction and induction of new people in our lives, yet meditating and negotiating all the while.

We might also be presented with several opportunities and could also benefit from others receiving such opportunities.

Libra is all about finding a balance in our lives, which we can attain by focusing on the parts of our lives that we have missed out on. When we clear them out, our lives would get easier and more efficient to deal with.

Also, what’s the benefit of having people around you constantly bickering? Try to get them to be on the same wavelength, and you would find that everyone wins at it.

No point trying to create differences between people who are close to you.

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