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The Lunar Nodes Have Changed Signs November, 2018: Cancer/Capricorn Balance

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by Conscious Reminder

North Node and South Node are the lunar nodes which exist, and they are the two points which are directly opposite to each other. Even though the two nodes are associated with karma, just the South one is actually associated with our past karma and lives.

Instead of this, the North one is associated with the karma of the future, as well as with the chance to alter that karma. It is our opportunity to change the scenario of our destinies.

However, why the South Node is the one associated to our past karma? This node is even known as Descending Node as it is exactly descending, going more down. It also represents the not resolved karma which we have to ‘sort out’ in our life.

The Lunar Nodes change signs every 18 months, so this new cycle is one that we will all be feeling. As Cancer is in the North Node position, and Capricorn is in the South Node position, this indicates we are here to master the lessons of Cancer, and to evolve and build upon the Capricorn lessons we have already mastered in the past.

While we ultimately want to create a balance between both Cancer and Capricorn, it seems that we are being asked to evolve by focusing more on the qualities of Cancerian energy, and to use these qualities to build upon what we already know.

Having the Lunar Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn indicates that we are being encouraged to balance our nurturing, emotional side with our ambitious, hardworking side. We are also going to be asked to shift how we approach our work-life balance and how we choose to go after our goals.

While Capricorn energy favors hard work and making small steps to get ahead, Cancer energy is much more focused on using its intuition and going after positions that evoke passion and have family values.

This node also represents the opportunities which we have not taken, the chances we sometimes missed, as well as the things we have not manifested in the past.

For example, you have been a skilled dancer in your past. However, if you did not utilize this skill, it will be passed on your later life, and then you are going to use it ultimately. This is the reason why you have actually been born with that talent in this life – in the end, to manifest it and make it, in fact, work.

But, you probably ask yourself how you can make that work? So, the answer would be with the help of the North Node.

As we already mentioned, this one is contrasting the South on. So, if the South one is familiar, the other one would not be. It is a talent which you do not master, but it is undoubtedly the thing which is required in order to learn.

Focusing on this node will make everything flow in the perfect line with our Universe. Our advice for you is to focus more on your North Node.

Actually, when focusing on this node, all of the problems you have will be solved.  It is that simple, but, somehow, it can be uneasy to follow it, as you will not know from where to begin.

This is the point at which astrology becomes useful – it will show you things which you couldn’t have known in another way.

However, this does not imply that you should get rid of the South Node and entirely focus on our North one. The South Node is a gift for you. Also, it is a valuable gift which has to be moved to another direction.

And, that new direction will be the North Node. When you get stuck or refuse to make changes to your South Node gift, it will definitely become a problem. However, the North Node will always be the solution of the South one.

So, the paradox says that when you have solved the problem with the South Node using the North Node, the final result will not be the North one, but the South instead. It is the maturing karma, for bad or for good.

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