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Scorpio Pink Full Moon, April 29th/30th: An Emotional Storm Waiting To Happen

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by Conscious Reminder

This April is ending with the Full Moon in Scorpio, and in effect going out with a bang. The tides of time are quite turbulent. There is a lot of intense and dark stuff going on even though we might not always acknowledge it.

This Full Moon throws its light on a lot many things. One of them is the Taurus and Scorpio axis, which focuses on resources and money. This is not just limited to things we covet and possess, but also about matters of who possesses what.

This issue of whether this is yours/mine/ours stretches into questions of trust, sharing, intimacy and sex as well. Everyone is obsessed with power, driven by the need to survive.

A Scorpio Full Moon always comes with a deluge of emotions. Everything just becomes ten times more intense during this time. But this year’s Scorpio Full Moon is going on a whole new level with emotional intensity.

This is the time when our emotions will silently overwhelm and also purge us. When all that tumult is brought to the forefront, you’ll finally be able to let go.

The Moon is not the only one responsible for the intense emotions all around. Pluto and Mars, the traditional ruler and the modern ruler of the sign too are extending their full influence. Whereas Mars rules our action oriented life and gives us the drive to achieve,

Pluto is the ruler who brings changes, and you have no choice in this matter. This time, both of these are meeting in Capricorn. Together they are going to direct our lives. They are helping us make bold choices, without being rash.

The choices we make during this time might be too strong for us, but that doesn’t mean these plans are not well thought out. The research and the planning is all there. The only difference is that this time around we are actually taking action.

Adding to this impulse is the planet Jupiter. Located in Scorpio it is helping you with your determination, making it possible for one to face uncomfortable situations without melting down. This is the time when you get the drive to match your ambition.

You don’t have to rush into anything. Keep your eyes at the goal, and continue at a steady pace, no matter what life throws at you. Like a marathon runner. There would be lots of scandals around; lots of corruption would be unmasked. But don’t let anything deter you from your path.

This Full Moon is also interacting with the Nodes, crossing them in the middle. The north node is our destiny and the south is our past. You might feel pressure from both sides but you need to stay grounded.

Our path likes straight ahead and is illuminated by two nods; the first one, stretching between the moon and Mercury/Venus and the other between Venus and moon/Saturn. The former is about your emotional impulses and the latter is about making you act on these impulses. What you want in life, you will have to demand it and only then will you get it.

This Full Moon is an opportunity to stabilize your emotions and start working towards your goals. You will reach them, you just need to keep at it and not give up.

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