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10 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You Have Alpha Personality

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by Conscious Reminder

Alpha, beta, and omega personalities are typically talked about when referring to animals. Among animals, alpha is the leader of the group and has preferential access to mates and food.

As for people, the ‘alpha type’ is used to describe an individual with dominant personality. People who fall under this classification are strong, aggressive, ongoing, and extremely ambitious.

Alphas are often terribly misunderstood by the majority, probably because no one can deal with their self-confidence, open-mindedness, strength, and ambition.  Here are the 10 things people don’t realize you are doing as you are an alpha personality!

1. Being Straight to the Point

While certain amount of small-talk can be enjoyable, the excess should be avoided! This is what alphas actually know and try to do.  They understand that avoiding excess small-talk saves time and leaves time for the important things in life and a real, meaningful discussion. However, non alphas consider this rude and unkind.

2. Judging their Walk-Not Their Talk

Alphas judge people and their character by their actions rather than by their words.  But, non-alphas are likely to be put off when they notice skepticism in their eyes!

3. Not Missing Out

This doesn’t mean that alphas are anti-social, but they are not on the lookout for social info of all kinds.  There are parties and events they are interested in and events they are not interested in.  Simple as that!  While others might be taken aback when an alpha doesn’t care about a certain event, they will eventually understand them.

4. Talking and Walking

Again, some people may be surprised when an alpha doesn’t pretend to be interested in something they talk about or when they tell them truth about something that they want to lie about.  For the greater good, talk as you walk and vice versa.

5. Being Wisely Skeptical

They know that the proof is within the pudding,  o they will not eat a teaspoon of anything if its authenticity is in doubt.  Alphas are skeptical but wisely skeptical!

6. Spending Time Alone

While most people need to be surrounded by many people to enjoy themselves, alphas can have an enjoyable time on their own.  Very often, non-alphas find this difficult to fully comprehend.

7. Again, Spending Time on your Own

Again, non-alphas may be surprised why they haven’t seen you in a while, and they may even think that you are depressed in order to find an answer to this.

8. Being Non-Desperate

They have an enjoyable time on their own, but they are always open to sharing happiness with a partner.  The second part is easy though, but the first one is difficult and even impossible for non-alphas to understand.

9. Setting—and Reaching—Their Own Bars

Following the normal social standards and expectations is unbeneficial.  While alphas are aware of this, non-alphas have difficulty realizing it.

10. Prioritizing

Deep and meaningful learning and conversing is a priority to alphas. On the flip side, non-alphas prioritize ‘shooting the breeze’ with friends, so they cannot comprehend alphas and their priorities.

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