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Speak With Love, Because Your Words Can Literally Restructure Your Brain

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by Conscious Reminder

Choosing the words which we would like to use may change our brain literally.

One neuroscientist at the University Thomas Jefferson, named Dr. Andrew Newberg, and an expert for communications, named Mark Robert Waldman, collaborated on one book, titled ‘Words Can Change Your Brain.’

In this book, they wrote that one single word actually has the potential to influence genes’ expression which is the regulator of emotional and physical stress.

Using some positive words, such as peace and love, may alert the functioning of our brain as there will be an increase in the cognitive strengthening, as well as reasoning areas in the frontal lobes. Also, using them more commonly than the negative words may kick-start our motivational spots in the brain, pushing them into some action.

However, on the other side of this spectrum, using negative words will prevent some neuro-chemicals from production, and that will provide stress management. Every person is initially determined to worry; this is the way in which the primal brain is protecting us from some dangerous and harmful situations to survive.

Permitting negative concepts and words in the thoughts, the activities in the fear center of our brain will be increased, in that way causing some hormones which produce stress to flood the system.

Such hormones, as well as neurotransmitters, will interrupt our processes of reasoning and logic and will inhibit the normal functioning.

According to Waldman and Newberg, angry and negative words will send some alarming messages throughout our brain, which will shut down the centers of reasoning and logic partially.

One expert from the book explains how the use of the right and positive words can change the reality of a person. He explains that holding some optimistic and positive words in the brain will stimulate the frontal lobe activity.

It is an area which includes particular language centers which relate directly with the motor cortex which has the responsibility to move the person in action. Also, concentrating on positive and right words for longer will affect some other areas in our brain.

The functions placed in the parietal lobe will also start changing, in that way also changing the person’s perception of himself or the people he interacts with. Positive views will make the person see the good things in other people, while negative ones will lead to doubt and suspicion.

Also, as the time passes, the form of the person’s thalamus is going to change too, as a result of the conscious thoughts, words, as well as feelings, and these changes will affect the person’s way of perceiving of reality.

Another study further works on the impacts that positive words use has. One group of adult people, between the ages of 35 and 54, have been given one task during a night time, which was to write down just three things which they experienced during the day, and they were supposed to explain why.

In the next three months, the degrees of joy and happiness in these people increased, while the feelings of anxiety and depression declined all the time.

Reflecting, as well as focusing on some positive emotions and ideas will improve the overall health and well-being, so in that way will also increase the brain’s functionality.

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