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The Powerful Aquarius Full Moon Will Prompt Our Sense Of Justice And Equality

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by Conscious Reminder

As we move along 2020, it’s time to welcome another month and another New Moon along with it.

The first New Moon to grace the night sky this month will occur on 3rd August. It will happen under the honest zodiac Aquarius and will inspire our sense of justice and equality.

If you have been waiting for change, now is the time for it. The Cosmos are in perfect alignment for us to reassess our old beliefs and adopt social changes. The Aquarius Moon will be square to Uranus, a representative of justice and social change. Transformation for the good is in the air.

Along with Uranus, another potent energy will be in the mix. Mars is currently in Aries and will influence us during this 3rd August Full Moon.

Mars, in the zodiac Aries, will form a powerful sextile, which will help us be consistent with our efforts at change. The warrior Mars will encourage us to face the challenges and keep going for what we believe in.

Another energy present during this Full Moon in Aquarius is the healing energies of Chiron. It will uplift the negativity surrounding us and help us heal as a whole.

The one thing we must keep in mind is that this Full Moon is a powerful one. With the various energies unleashing under it, there’s a possibility of things getting chaotic. We need to keep our calm and think things through before taking any actions. And once we set our intentions right, opportunities will open up for us.

This Aquarius Full Moon will bring about change across the globe. Keep your eyes and ears open for revelations and magnificent events. Since Uranus square natal Pluto, we will also witness power struggles. There is also a possibility of financial instability.

Don’t worry if this sounds intense. Yes, it is intense, but it is also a gateway to a brighter future. You just need to know how to manifest the various revolutionary energies of the Cosmos.

The best way to deal with the various potent energies is to breathe. Simply step aside and take a moment for yourself. A lot is going on in the world right now, and the thing we need the most is within us. Our inner peace.

Peace is calm and serene, but do not mistake it to be inactive. The forces of inner peace can solve any problem. So, under this Aquarius Full Moon, take in the Cosmic energies and activate your inner peace.

You can reach a higher realm by simply breathing in and breathing out. Just make sure that you observe your breathing. As you breathe in, inhale and affirm peace within you.

And as you breathe out, exhale all your fears and worries. Find your tranquil state, and try to connect with it. 2020 has been a tough year so far. We need all our energies to face the coming changes.

Once you feel like you are in touch with your inner self, open your eyes, and realize your dreams.

Talk to yourself or write it down in your diary. Just be honest with yourself. What is it that you want to achieve? Say or read it out loud and send it into the Universe.

Next, you need to write concrete steps to ensure that your goal is within your reach. Remember that every journey begins with a single step.

The energies unleashed by the Full Moon radiates around us three days before and after the lunar event. Now is the best time to harness the Cosmic energies and fulfill your goals.

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