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These 4 Secrets Will Help You Improve Your Meditation

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by Conscious Reminder

Meditation is the art, honored by time, of being still. It makes our lives healthier and less stressful.

It lowers hormones that cause stress like cortisol by calming our sympathetic nervous system. The benefits become greater as meditation is continued.

Meditation can be imagined as the lotus flower or tree. It has numerous petals or leaves. The blossom is vibrant but the core remains the basic idea – the planted seed.

This seed is your intention or the reason behind meditating. Next, your breath, thoughts, and your ability for flowing and letting go are the air, food, and water that the plant needs to grow.

To start with, sit down in a position where you feel comfortable. There is no correct or incorrect here. To be relaxed but aware is the aim. The important part is sensing the space surrounding you.

Imagine the top of the head pulling you upwards while the bones which you are using to sit are grounded and are pulling downwards. Then, close your eyelids.

Meditate Like A Growing Lotus

1. The Seed: The Intention

State why you are sitting down to meditate today. You may speak it aloud if that helps you in connecting to the reason. The suggestion is to make it simple but focused. For instance, do not start with something as big as world peace. Instead, you may start with bringing peace to your mind, or household, or locality.

2. Air For Growing: The Breath

While your eyes are closed, breathe deeply.

Now, you should breathe with purpose. Each of your breaths is going to be filled with intention. Every breath will now be offered to the seed, or the intention (the reason behind meditation in the current day, as stated in the previous step).

Breath is thought of as the air that circulates. It circulates through your entire body. It reaches deep inside to the seed’s root and sprouts the intention. It also reaches all across the upward and outward branches, as the intention (seed) keeps growing.

While focusing on the inhalation, draw the breath into your lung’s roots (seed-intention). Then during exhalation, expel it to the extremities of your toes and fingers (the branches).

But breathe naturally. There is no need for any overthinking. For this mediation, you must not get too caught up in the details. It should be an easy, natural process of inhaling and exhaling.

3. Food For Growing: The Thoughts

The thoughts are your choice of the seed’s nourishment. Like the body, you may choose what you eat: healthy food or food that will make you ill. There is nothing different with your thoughts. Your thoughts may result in your mind being empowered, or your self-esteem is destroyed.

So think of 3 thoughts that will empower the intention. Being human means our minds will have uncontrolled thoughts, insecurity, and doubt. Do not fight them, instead, let these in. But make sure they do not stay there. This place is where meditation’s free will takes over. The free will in you will let you choose between the bad (ego-self) and the good (true self).

With each inhalation, feed the seed some positive thoughts. With each exhalation, expel or release all that does not need to be there.

4. Water For Growing: The Ability Of Flowing

Your ability for letting go and to flow is how your purpose gets magnetized, and then see the Universe return it with 10 times the strength. Water moves thoughts and intentions to flow. Your wishes will come back, but you must release them first.

The last significant step before your meditation ends is releasing or letting go of the intention. It signifies to the Universe that nothing is being held, wanted, or controlled.

It is possibly among the most difficult things that we have to do in life. But letting go harmonizes you with something bigger than just you. You can serve others better if there is a healthy mind supporting it. You can understand better if you become more knowledgeable. This all begins with letting go.

And now, end your meditation by opening your eyelids.

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