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6 Universal Year: 2022 Is The Year Of Love According To Numerology

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by Conscious Reminder

Every year in the cycle of numerology is a continuation of the previous one.

2020 was a 4th Universal Year that called for our foundations to be restructured and reassessed. 2021 was a 5th that pushed us towards being adaptable and flexible as we searched for a new definition of freedom.

2022 is going to be the 6th Universal Year. This year will be all about deep healing, responsibilities, and relationships.

2022’s Overview As Universal Year 6

Numerology says that this year is a 6th Personal Year as well as being a 6th Universal Year. As such, it is also called a year of “divorce or marriage”. The number 6’s vibrations are related to love and relationships.

As such, on an individual level, it is one of the most significant years when it comes to love. Collectively, it might mean that we find a new unprecedented level of harmony and love.

However, similar to every year, there are both light as well as shadow sides. Year 6’s light side is the chance to connect with higher love ideals, heal deep wounds, and strengthen relationships.

But, on the other hand, it can also include lots of difficult emotions, shame as well as bring pressure to carry responsibilities that we never knew we were carrying.

Here is how you can find your way through 2022:

1. Balance Home And Work

The 6 provides extremes when it comes to healing and love. As such, the key will be to seek balance in life and not get submerged in the shadow.

According to numerology, the energy of 6 is nurturing as it helps to construct a successful career as well as a solid home. 2022 might have lots of exciting and surprising career opportunities, but this year also needs us to root ourselves.

2. New Responsibilities Are Approaching

The focus of this year will be relationships. As such, there can be a new feeling of duty arising towards your loved ones, one that may be unknown to you. Collectively, 2022 can make us feel more connected.

On a collective level too, our responsibilities as a species will be a prominent feature. You might think that you have a good grasp of what these responsibilities are as the year starts. However, they will change by the time the year ends.

3. Leading With Love

Be ready for deep healing in 2022. Additionally, as is typical in healing, things can feel and get worse before it starts getting better. So the most important advice, in this case, is leading with love, and not with fear.

Motivate yourself with love as much as you can, and let your heart take the lead. Even though it sounds like one of those cheesy taglines on jewelry advertisements, it is truer than ever for this year since it is the love year.

4. Think About The Number For Your Personal Year

It will be important to give a better look at your personal year number in 2022, and its predictions. You can calculate the number with just your birthday.

Make sure that the number’s energy, lessons, and shadow are all integrated into your plans for the year.

In Conclusion

This year is ideal for letting go of differences, forgiving the past, and accepting each other. Division and anger have never resulted in getting the best out of us. Think of the ways we can release these emotions that no longer serve us.

It will help us bring about actual lasting change. 2022, the year representing compassion and love, may just have all the answers. 

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