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These Nine Crystals Will Help And Improve Your Out Of Body Experience

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by Conscious Reminder

If you are related to, or interested in the domain of spirit travelling, then you should stay informed about precious gems which will help in your spirit projections.

We have procured a list of the best gems for the purpose.


This helps you explore. We mostly forget our spiritual adventures the same way that we forget about most of our dreams. Keeping this stone handy will help in preventing that.

Black Tourmaline:

This grants you protection from the strange beings of the outer universe. Some of them might be good, but in the off chance that they turn out demonic, this stone will give you a fighting chance.


This brings you the strength needed for an out of body journey. It fuels and supplements your dedication and ardent wish to travel into the spirit realm.


This is the trickster stone. It fuels your need for finding new things, and discovering new aspects of the realm. It also makes you way more confident. If you club this with the first stone in the list, then the duo will be invincible.

Phantom Quartz:

This is similar to a Booster, or a glucose beverage. This stone complements your energetic fields, preventing them from dimming to your disadvantage. It also has a bonus effect of charging the effects of other stones too.

Blue Calcite:

This helps you de-stress. It works as a reliever. As meditation and any form of spiritual journey, requires a deep calm, this stone is perfect for helping you achieve it. It also fights toxic waves, and basically makes your life much more wholesome.


This stone can have myriad colors. Irrespective of which hue you finalize upon, the effects remain the same. This actually erases the negativity from youraura, and makes your overall vibe much more positive.


This works as a recharger for the energies of relaxation and love. It protects your heart and mind while you travel through several realms of the spirit universe.


This stone helps if you want to be social during your astral visit. You could encounter other beings, energies, and explore a different pulse of life. This happens to be the most attractive stone in the plethora of precious gems.

There is no rulebook for their use, so you can use them in whichever way feels right to you.

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