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Black Moon May 22nd: Magical Gemini New Moon Brings Big Energy Shift

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by Conscious Reminder

Gemini New Moon will occur on 22nd May this year and it will be coming with a lot of cosmic activity.

Neptune, Venus, Saturn, and Mercury will be releasing their energies. The Pleiadian Portal, which opens on 16th May, will also be strengthened under the Gemini New Moon influence.

This may sound like a lot, but don’t be overwhelmed. You can harness the energies to positively affect your journey. The New Moon is a fresh start, and so, you can use this time to start over.

The time has come for you to seek inward and ask yourself what it is that you would like to be in the future. Remember, you will reap what you sow under this Moon.

The New Moon appears amidst the dark sky. Think of the darkness as the darkness inside a womb. It is the time of creation.

The darkness might feel scary, but remember that the uncertainty it brings forth is just an indication of change. You get to choose what kind of change it is going to be. Choose the transformation you want, and let the Gemini New Moon guide you.

The New Moon will be influenced by the Gemini twins themselves. We might feel a push and pull of sorts, a kind of conflict between our mind and heart.

This can lead us to feel confused and hopeless and even feel lost. But do not worry, because the night might be long, but it is always representative of what’s to come – a new day.

The twins are one, but they belong to two different worlds. One belongs to our world and the other Gemini twin belongs to the higher realm. Together, they will encourage us to use earthly energies along with the heavenly energies in our life journey.

How Can We Connect With Both The Mortal World And The Immortal World Under The Gemini New Moon?

Saturn Retrograde will encourage us to think of long term projects. It will help us to feel stable, and influence us to create sturdy and strong foundations.

The Saturn Retrograde, along with the Gemini twin that represents the earthly connection, will help us stay grounded and make methodical and practical moves. The energy unleashed by the Saturn Retrograde will make us review our life choices and plan accordingly.

Along with Saturn, Neptune, Venus, and Mercury will also be active during this Gemini Season. Venus will be in Retrograde, Mercury will be present close by, and the two will make a perfect alignment with Neptune.

The energies from Neptune and Venus might make our vision hazy, as Neptune rules over dreams, illusions, and spirituality. Use this haziness to activate your artistic potential. The instability you might feel under all these energies will only lead you to firmer grounds if you learn to harness the energy to your advantage.

This Gemini New Moon will be a time of darkness, and the various astrological movements in the cosmos can make us lost and feel indecisive. Trust in the celestial bodies and their energies, they will navigate you out of the haziness and into a clear vision. Dive deep into yourself and try to understand your essence.

The dark sky during the Gemini New Moon is the perfect time for us to set our future intentions. If you truly believe in it, make time for lunar rituals.

It does not have to be complicated. Meditate under the dark sky and let the energies float. Remember that all the cosmic events and their energies will guide you only if you allow it to.

It is not necessary for you to plan out your entire life. Just focus on a section that you would like to change. Be patient, and let the Gemini New Moon work its magic.

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