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Today, Connect With Your Higher Self And Reset With The Power Of The 11/11/11 Portal

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by Conscious Reminder

Today, the 11th of November (also known as 11/11), 2018 is actually the most powerful date of the year from a numerological point of view. Furthermore, 11 is also the number of universal energies of this year.

When combined together, these numbers make the numerological code for today’s date – yes, you guessed it: the overcharged 11-11-11, which is quite rare. You would probably wish to know everything about some of the spiritual meanings of the 11th of November, in order to use its powers, as well as take some advantages of the elevated vibes of the unique date.

11 is also the number with the highest intuition, and it is the real channel to our subconscious.

From a numerological point of view, the number 1 actually indicates some new starts; however, when appearing in series, such as the 11th of November or 11/11, it actually creates strong energy for this day which permits us to wake up to some new potentials.

Whereas the 11th of November will always be an energetic day, the one of 2018, which is today, will be a quite strong spiritual portal, as we already mentioned that this year is also the 11 Universal Year.

This actually means that today’s energy will be in perfect vibration with the Master Number’s magic because the code is going to be 111111. Indeed, it is a highly powerful code which is going to help us in advancing some spiritual awakening and unlocking all portals to the spiritual world.

On this day, you will feel heightened creativity, awareness, as well as sensitivity. Every one of us would like to take the benefits of the energy on this day as such code like 111111 can only occur several times in our lives.

This day will also be an excellent period for cleansing, as well as manifestation rituals because the numerology energy is going to help us in resting and cleansing the spiritual side of ourselves – so, our abilities of manifestation are going to be quite strong too.

This is going to be a brilliant period for manifesting, as well as meditating or even connecting with our spiritual guides, and also for thinking about some ways of moving ahead when we attempt to achieve some purposes in life.

For example, you can start the ritual for cleansing with taking a prolonged bath with some Epsom salt poured in the bath water, which is going to remove the toxins which are in your body or spirit. At the same time, restore it using some minerals.

In the end, as this number is also connected with Angels, consciousness widening, as well as spiritual awakenings, you should try paying some closer attention on your intuition during this period and keep some notebook close to you so that you will write some thoughts or even messages which may appear on your mind.

If a specific thought creates some emotion in your or appears as unusual, or also offers you clarity and epiphany, you should write down everything, in order not to forget. No matter if you think that it was some message from other realms or simply one from inside you, it is quite significant to pay attention to the intuition, let it go along on this day and use all the benefits from this energetic date.

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