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The Power Of Setting New Year Intentions

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by Conscious Reminder

At the beginning of the New Year we start with positive intentions, sincere words, new goals.

According to the Wheel of the Year, the Celtic New Year or Samhain, was the time when most magical practitioners set their wishes and intentions over stones, candles, and oils during the darkness of the Shadow Season starting on 1st November. Some call this the true “start” of the coming year.

No matter when those intentions are set, the point is to hold onto that spark in which we imagine ourselves in better ways. Those intentions, even praised and hold onto for some time, quickly fade away. Simply, as time passes, our dedication and patience dissolves, and all those wishes, ideas, hopes, and intentions for better tomorrow of the Universe start fading.

It’s a good idea to start with true understanding of the power behind our wishes and intentions. The matter isn’t just an idea set on a special night when your universal form is ready to get filled out and sent. An intention is lifelike process that further grows, manifests, and creates. Intention is a breath of hope, a living being within you.

Ancient Sumerians believed that mere naming something can breathe it into existence. That said, your words have the power to make true your wishes, through the energy that you have put into your intentions, and further into real, concrete form.

When you name your intentions a tell the universe that the “time is now”, the universe fulfills those intentions. Likewise, when you honor your promise that you have sent to the universe, in return you are rewarded furthermore.

Having in mind all aforementioned, it is wise to tread lightly when uttering words of intention. If manifested, that means that you truly asked for it at some point in time. That being said, one should contemplate on love, hope, strength, generosity, since all positive imagination is more possible of creating than that of negativity. Think of it a mere relationship, the more you give – the more you receive, and fulfilling the promises that you have once made. It is a matter of mutual exchange.

One part of the power in setting intentions comes from personalizing them and claiming them as your own. What you should do is act upon them…put your unique energy into a real project and watch it develop…get in classes of your interest…invest time into specific people that share your values and interests…set your intentions upon candles like magicians do…save money to travel on your favorite destination. The intention, when true and your own, comes true. It manifests. The first step is understanding your true desires.

Here are some practical guidelines for setting your intentions into the universe:

  1. Use sage, palo santo, or other cleansing herbs to purify your space. Also gems such as obsidian, smoky quartz, kyanite, and shungite are powerful cleansing tools.
  2. Project the idea of what you wish to manifest and hold fast to that image inside your mind and heart.
  3. Worry not for details and certain ways for bringing life to your creation. By time, everything comes together when you keep focused on the intention.
  4. Write your intention down and draw it out. Using your physical brain, left hemisphere is engaged for logic while writing it, and the right hemisphere is engaged for creativity while drawing.
  5. Use your imagination as your intentions is happening right now.
  6. Visualize your intention in a cloud, and send it further to the Source.
  7. No room for doubt. Belidve. Believe in it.

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