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The Spiral As A Symbol Of Awareness And Spiritual Growth

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by Conscious Reminder

As you might have heard often, ‘ignorance is bliss’. Now the reasoning behind this is not that not knowing stuff is actually a good thing.

It is just that once you start becoming aware, even in the slightest, you realize how awfully impossible it is to ever become fully knowledgeable.

Also, once you start on this path; you will also realize that it is also impossible to go back. Once you become conscious of the happenings in the world around you, it is not possible for you to become blind to them again and this is why some might (in extreme moments of course) long for their days of ignorance. In spiritual growth this process is also known by the name of ‘spiral of awareness’.

Every time we even begin to think that we have learned everything there is to learn about something, the universe throws something in our face which makes us question everything we’ve known so far. And we realize that in fact we knew nothing at all. And we have to start again, from scratch. This acceptance of our own ignorance and the will to learn again is commendable indeed. And only a few are brave enough to embrace it.

How this plays in our life?

We feel we have finally learnt our lesson and are ready to implement it in our lives. And the thing is, for the time being we really are able to hold on to what we promised ourselves. But then comes a challenging situation and we find ourselves going back on our word. In these moments we realize what we thought we knew about ourselves, wasn’t true really.

It was only a partial truth and the entirety of it is to be revealed to ourselves, one layer at a time. It could be something as simple as avoiding junk food to as complex as not letting people manipulate us. Our knowledge about ourselves and the world in which we have to navigate is scarcely absolute.

A process that has no end

The thing is that we make conclusions too easily and too soon. So no wonder, in the process of living we have to reexamine and remold those very conclusions.

We might hold certain beliefs very close to our heart and think of them as something that just cannot be changed. However, there is every possibility that the experiences of life would one day make us question the beliefs.

We might think we know what happiness is because of what we are feeling right now. And we might think that particular experience to be the pinnacle of happiness. But as we progress through life, the definition of happiness itself will change for us and we will adapt.

A child cannot comprehend greater happiness than being left alone in a candy store or likewise. The same child might not feel the same after growing up; there would be other, greater and different happiness for him.

The same logic applies for our suffering, for our awareness and everything else. We might think we know everything and have everything under control. But we never know when life decides to teach us a new lesson. And this is the spiral of Spiritual growth.

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