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Solutions Vs. Soulutions: Greatest Growth Comes From Pain

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We, obviously, know what solutions are, but have you heard about soulutions before?

We, humans, are obsessed with finding solutions. We think that we are incapable of taking any pain, thus we always keep some solution ready before taking any major decision.

We never dare to leave our job or our relationships without any certainty of the future. Even with our relatives and loved ones, we do not just hold space for them when they are in pain.

Rather, we overwhelm them with our solutions for easing out their pain. We advise them on different things and tell them to take immediate actions. We keep our plans ready for all kinds of situations, our Plan A, Plan B, Plan C….and even plan Z is always ready to be deployed.

But we were talking about a Soulution? What really is it?

A Soulution comes when you are not expecting it. It usually comes in the darkest of times, times when you are completely lost, when you have no clear idea of your own existence. It comes when you are stuck in the tunnel and you do not know where the light is.

Soulution will present itself to you in a whispering voice. You might hear something in your head that sounds ridiculous to you at the moment. In that moment, it will be like a baby idea that makes no sense.

When you start receiving soulutions, you’ll have no idea from where these messages and ideas are coming from. They might sound imaginary and impractical to you as they can suggest you stuff like leaving your marriage or your relationship or even your well-established career path.

If you do not listen to the whispering voices in your head, then these soulution calls will get louder and louder until those whispers turn into loud screams. You’ll begin to feel strong impulses to do certain work or to go to some places. You might be told to start a new hobby or to write that dream book that you have not touched since ages.

What is actually going on with you is that your soul is guiding you towards the goal that you can achieve with your highest potential. A soulution does not push you towards mediocrity or for easy choices. Your soul wants just the absolute best from you, the work that you are destined for.

Soulution only asks for the best, there is no plan B or Plan C in your soul call, there is only soulution: the path that makes your soul jump on a massive scale. They happen only once or twice in the life and happen based on the soul’s pre-decision to learn certain lessons.

It is through pain only that we develop. And thus, we need to explore and understand our inner darkness in order to understand that there is pain and struggle all around us. We need to perfect this art of soul jump so that we can inspire others to experience it as well. Your first soul jump will be like a leap of faith but it will guarantee protection from your fears. It is not going to be easy, it will be very demanding, it’ll involve letting go of a lot of things.

But, your soul will reward you handsomely. So, my dear, do not worry and do not let go of the golden opportunity of soul jump.

What do you think about the soulution concept?

This article was inspired by amazing piece by The Urban Howl.

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