How Sun In First House Defines Your Physical Personality Traits?

by Mehak Chauhan 
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

The first house always illustrates motivation and strength to its native. It is more on the native’s body and their physical appearance, personality traits, and attributes.

The Sun will provide them with light and devotion and will rightfully guide them throughout their life.

Due to one falling in the sun’s first house, they will have the spark and enthusiasm to achieve anything in their life.

The native would be filled with vibrant and positive energy. A person born in this house is born around the time of sunrise. The first house of the sun often governs a person’s mental tendencies and physical personality traits.

House of sun governs the zodiac sign of Leo, which represents a lion’s pride, strong willpower, and unmatchable determination.

Sun in the first house often differentiates us from others. It lies in the major part of our birth chart which needs to be special. Sun often helps in guiding people with their intuition. With abundant soulful energy, the sun often provides them direction.

Ascendants falling in this category illustrate their outer appearance, how they see the world and those around.

Physical Appearance:

Physical appearance is the first thing we see in the person. A person’s hair, clothing, and facial features are the first things to be noticed. Native in this house will have shapely eyebrows and well-defined facial features.

Due to their enthusiastic nature, they have sparkly and vibrant eyes, which reflect their passionate goals and dreams. Due to their outer charismatic traits, they often develop an unhealthy self-obsession with their appearance.

They are also known to have scanty hair. They often spend a lot of time on their self-love and self-pride.

Health Of Native:

Till date, several astrologers have said that various aspects revolve around us which govern our health and wellbeing. It also governs our instincts of how we should take care of ourselves. 

The health of native will be ruled by sun’s exalted or debilitated state. With massive stout physical constitution and sound health, they have a trouble-free childhood.

With their ability to fight off diseases, native in this house can fight off any illness and health complications. However, they are more likely prone to having an eye disease.

Personality Traits:

Native with the sun in the first house resemble the courageousness of a lion. People having sun in the first house are confident, full of energy and often have strong instincts. Their personality and strong influence outshine them in a bunch of people.

People who have the sun in the first house are born fighters and they are always up for new challenges. With sun’s ascendants in the first house, the native is a born leader with a great commanding and leadership ability.

Their ability to achieve anything in life also make them a person of high self- esteem and massive position in society. With their enthusiastic nature, they also have a lethargic nature side by side.

Due to their instinct of recognizing opportunities well, these people often land up themselves in a successful venture. They often find themselves in a self-conscious situation since they get all the attention and consideration.

Temperament Of An Individual:

Due to a massive amount of success, native falling in this category are egoistic or stubborn. They will accept working under someone.

They are known to have a really bad temper, which in result offend their subordinates. In spite of having set up their successful career, they fail to make real friends. Their stubborn and egoistic nature land them up in taking wrong decisions.

Due to their outspoken and dogged nature, they end up making numerous enemies throughout. Easy success makes them more vulnerable at putting others down.

Native of zodiac sign differ and so their traits. Comment down your thoughts below if you can relate it to someone you have met having similar physical traits. 

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