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Your Life Follows A 9-Year Cycle That Can Help You Change Your Future

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by Conscious Reminder

Our universe works in mysterious ways, but there is always a pattern to it, always moving in cycles. Be it our day-night cycles, seasonal cycles, or human life cycles.

But did you know a human’s life runs in cycles of 9? All the major events we experience in each life align with the energy of that specific life year. And it’s super easy to calculate your personal year number.

How To Find Out Your Personal Year Number?

In order to calculate your current year, add up all the single digits of your birth day and birth month with the digits of the current calendar year. If someone’s birthday is on the 5th of May, and they are calculating this year, the numbers would be:  5+5+2+0+2+0= 14.

When it comes to double digits, add those together to find the single digit: 1+4=5

So this means, the person calculating is on their 5th year in the 9-year cycle now. Each personal year starts and ends with one’s birthday. The flow of energy is rather gentle as it moves between the years. This results in overlaps at times. One can start feeling the energy of the coming year months before one’s birthday.

Here’s what each of those year numbers implies:

1st Year: The Beginning of the Cycle

You start afresh with a new cycle, rebuilding your life again. You may not see the bigger picture immediately, but you start to plant the seeds of your future in year 1 nonetheless. This is the time to let go of old habits that hold you back.

2nd Year: Forming the Connection

Year 2 is about expanding on the plans you made in year 1. You will start establishing new connections that will help you reach your goals. The process might not be as fast as you would like, but be patient. You can use this year to improve your skills and abilities. This is also a good time to establish romantic bonds.

3rd Year: The Year of Creation

With the third year, things start to pick up the pace. You will be full of life, and your creative energy will pull you towards multiple projects. You might start several new things, but not all of them will come to fruition. Nonetheless, this is a good time to let those deep-seated desires come to the surface and inspire you.

4th Year: Work and Build

With the fourth year, we begin to notice the real progress. With year 3 offering you multiple choices, you will have decided on your favorites by year 4. This year is mostly focused on work and career, which challenges our willpower and self-control. This is the time to build new skills, become more responsible, and set things in order.

5th Year: Time for Change

The 5th year in the 9-year cycle is filled with rebellious energy. This is the year most of us want to break free from all responsibilities, change our jobs, house, and even life.

The ones who don’t always act of such impulses still become more free-spirited and seek new adventures. This brings scattered energy, which is followed by major changes.

6th Year: Love and Nurture

After a year of exploring one’s freedom, year 6 often makes us yearn for the company of another. We make the most of this year by loving our close ones and nurturing relationships. This includes our family, friends, and romantic partners. This may not be the year of many work accomplishments, but you can still focus on peace and harmony.

7th Year: Introspection

The 7th year brings in the realization that we are nearing the end of the 9-year cycle. This makes us refocus on work so that we can make new achievements and have financial abundance.

In order to focus ourselves, we need to introspect. All external matters will go to the sidelines as you focus on yourself. The year is mostly for personal development.

8th Year: Reap your Rewards

To bring balance after the introspective 7th year, the next year brings in a lot of external influence. After working hard for the past 7 years, you finally get to reap your rewards. This is often the best year for your career, business, as well as personal finance. You will be reaching your peak in terms of your career with many lucrative offers and positions open for you.

9th Year: Completion of a Cycle

The 9th year brings some endings. You might decide to shift to that high-paying job, thus drawing a close at a previous place. Even relationships and living situations reach an ending. But endings are not always bad. You will start preparing for the next 9-year cycle.

As the 9-year cycle comes to a close, new and exciting things await you. The parts of your life that carry forward will be transformed. Embrace the new cycle, and be grateful for your opportunities.

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