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Find Out Who’s The Guardian Angel Of Your Star Sign

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Your zodiac sign can tell you which angel is looking after you.


Angel Barachiel assists the Aries by discharging a large amount of energy that helps them to make important decisions and connect with people. They instil the feeling of optimism in their disciples. He also helps in making new friends.


Amitiel assists the Taurus by making them see the truth. He guides them through the right path and helps in looking at the reality. He is known to help them through changes and new possibilities. Truth is his speciality.


Metraton assists the Gemini by teaching them to avoid obstacles or to go past them. Mainly, known as the angel of victory, he will give them the power to deal with obligations.


Angel Dina assists the Cancer by helping them learn the true power of knowledge. It doesn’t mean she “gives” them knowledge, rather she enlightens the path to wisdom and they learn to walk on it.


Angel Aquariel assists the Leo by spiritually developing them. He shows them the real world and the deeper meaning of our surroundings.


Angel Kadmiel assists the Virgo by guiding them on the right path. Known as the angel of fate, he helps them to hear the true voice of their intuition. He will always be there whenever they might need them.


Angel Barchiel assists the Libra by showing them their true powers. If the Libras have the zeal to help others, Barchiel will give them the inner strength and compassion they need. They can have the power to change the lives of people around them.


Angel Gabriel assists the Scorpio by making the path for them. If they are determined to achieve something, it will be a matter of time till it is achieved because Gabriel is considered to be the most powerful angel.


Sariel assists the Sagittarius by warning them. Rather than just guiding you, he will stop them from following the path that leads to a disappointing destination.


Angel Cambiel assists the Capricorn by helping them in their exotic and adventurous decisions – whether it is a journey or a new business or any other decision.


Angel Chamuel assists the Aquarius “children” by connecting them to the world around them. She gives them a deep understanding of the nature and world that they are born in.


Angel Anael assists the Pisces by making them sexually attractive. Good looks and a healthy body language ensure confidence in the person and in turn, leads them towards success.

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