Here’s The Kind Of Energy That Aries New Moon Will Bring For Your Zodiac Sign

by Conscious Reminder

On 5th April, the New Moon will be in Aries. Since it’s the first Zodiac Sign, you will be experiencing lots of new things.

It’s the beginning of the Astrological New Year and is the sign of rebirth. So, start off with something new and begin to grow. Here are some of the things you will experience based on your horoscope:


During the New Moon, your business collaborations and relationships will get better or worse. The connection with your partner may become warmer than usual.

On the business end, if you are in a good partnership, then you will engage in healthy competition that will push you towards excellence. However, a bad partnership can result in jealousy and negativity.


This New Moon, your focus will be on practical matters. You will become more organized in your life and may choose to replace bad habits with better ones.

Maybe, you can start a proper exercise regime or you can go for a self-care routine. The New Moon is a time of purging, so get ready to be cleansed.


The New Moon will help you enjoy all the simple things in life – like the people you love. It might bring back childhood memories for you.

The New Moon will make you excited about the taste of ice-cream or the chill in the summer wind – it’s the simple pleasures of life that make it beautiful.


This month will be all about work and fixing different aspects of your work so that you can do better in it. It’s time for you to figure out what you want to do with life so that you can slowly come to terms with your calling.


While the New Moon is an emotional period and people open up a lot, it will be hard for you to communicate your feelings to others during this New Moon. Somehow, small talk is not something you are into right now. But you will become more empathetic and therefore, people will reveal their secrets and suffering to you.


During this New Moon, you will attach your sentiments to different objects. It’s a way for you to reach back to the times of your childhood and re-experience it. Don’t go for something mechanical during this period. Rather, try and develop something which will help you to get more memories.


You will get a little bit emotional during this New Moon. You might even cry a bit. That’s ok. This is a time for purging all your inner frustrations and anger. Don’t let them rule you. Make sure that you can release all of them.


It’s time for you to isolate yourself, go home, and spend time with just yourself. The hermit lifestyle should be your way for now. You are wounded and you have a lot to deal with. Don’t go out and put expose yourself in front of people. They will just sprinkle salt on your wounds. Rather, deal with it alone and come out stronger.


Friendship will the chief thing that you will experience during this period. You will be close to your friends emotionally and they might become your BFFs too. Or you might have a friend who gets a little too clingy and that will make things difficult for you.


The New Moon will be great for your popularity. You are aware of what people need and that’s what makes them come to you. Your business end will go great as well. However, you might spill out your inner secrets in public space, including social media, so be careful.


This New Moon will make you crave for adventure. It’s not an exotic journey, but rather, an escape from the mundane household routine. You just want something new and less boring. So, get your travel shoes on!


You might find a parasite in your friend circle. It is someone who doesn’t pay for their share when all of you have dinner or someone who doesn’t offer help when you need it but asks for help all the time. It is time to address this issue.

The New Moon is the time for awakening and becoming a whole new YOU. Let the lunar energy be a part of you.

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